Country restaurant "Pirogovskiy dvorik": address, menu, reviews

Quite popular restaurant "PirogovskyYard, the menu of which will be discussed in this article, is located along Central Street (house No. 100 b) in the village of Pirogovo. This is a great place to relax with both friends and the whole family. The restaurant is distinguished by the original menu, beautiful decoration, the presence of a summer veranda and a winter hall. In addition, it is possible to organize large-scale events. The restaurant is open from 10:00 to 00:00. Let's get acquainted with the offers from this restaurant, we'll review the reviews, the placement.

Basic information about cafe

If you want to get into a country restaurant"Pirogovsky Yard", whose address is indicated a little higher, then you need to go to the Mytishchi district, the village of Pirogovsky. The place is located about 15 km from the Ostankino Highway. To be sure of availability, you can additionally call by contact phone numbers or leave a request by e-mail. You can also use the coordinates for the GPS-navigator.

Restaurant "Pirogovskiy dvorik"

The restaurant's website has a convenient map, where you can easily see the location of the institution and understand how to get there easier.

Menu and features of the kitchen

The main difference of such an institution, as the restaurant "Pirogovskiy dvorik", is that it provides its visitors with several types of menu. This includes:

  1. Main menu.
  2. Kid's Kitchen.
  3. The menu bar.
  4. Japanese food.

In fact, this makes the institution more popular, because here you can celebrate both a children's holiday, and a corporate or an adult's birthday.

Country restaurant

Fans of Japanese cuisinethe opportunity to taste excellent dishes from the chef, cooked from the most delicious and fresh products. Considering the main menu, we note that it contains:

  1. Cold appetizers and salads.
  2. Hot snacks and pasta.
  3. Soups.
  4. Hot dishes and dishes from fish, poultry, meat.
  5. Products that are cooked on the grill.
  6. Desserts and sweets.

Additionally, you can try the dishes on reservation. The cafe provides its visitors with a variety of sauces and bakery products.

The pricing policy of the institution is very profitable, therefore many people from Moscow and the Moscow region want to visit the Pirogovskiy Dvorik restaurant. This is confirmed by the early booking of places in the institution itself.

Exterior and interior of the restaurant

The out-of-town restaurant differs and the number of places to accommodate guests. Here is:

  1. Summer terrace.
  2. Winter Hall.
  3. Summer tent.
  4. Large and small halls.
  5. Three VIP-halls.

All VIP rooms have a similar design inbeige, peach and brown tones. The small hall has a beautiful interior, the presence of soft sofas and armchairs, a real fireplace. This is an ideal place to visit in the cold winter evenings.

Restaurant "Pirogovskiy dvorik" (Mytishchi)

A large room is optimal forbanquets and mass events. The hall is decorated in beige tones, and guests can be located on wooden chairs neatly decorated with white cloaks and brow. The decoration is simple, but at the same time stylish. The main difference of the winter hall is that the room has a large number of windows facing the courtyard. During the celebration of an event or an ordinary visit to the restaurant you can enjoy the view of the courtyard and the snow that gently lies down. This is a great place to relax with the whole family.

On the street there is an additional tent,Created in the form of a beautiful and neat oval. The tables under this dome are small, there are not many of them. But here you can spend a romantic evening with your half, enjoying excellent kitchen.

Offers from the establishment

The restaurant "Pirogovskiy dvorik" (Mytischi) triesmake joint cooperation with customers as interesting as possible. There are offers for the festive table, permanent promotions and much more. Consider the main ones:

1. Campaign "Happy hours". On all the weekdays from 12:00 to 17:00 a 20% discount is offered. At this time you can visit the restaurant with children or with your half, enjoy an excellent kitchen and at the same time pay an order of magnitude less than usual.

2. Any birthday person receives a 20% discount on the entire menu of the restaurant within 7 days of the birthday.

Additionally, there may be subject actions, offers and discounts, which should be learned from the administrators.

Restaurant "Pirogovskiy dvorik": the menu

Special offers can include livingmusic that sounds daily in the walls of the halls. People who visit VIP-rooms, get the opportunity to sing in karaoke. On the summer terrace there is often organized a playground for children, where animators can be invited.

In the warm season, any corporate celebrations and events are held throughout the restaurant area, which is 1.5 hectares. Parking near the institution is designed for about 90 cars.

The restaurant organizes the delivery of favorite dishes to all its customers. The order can be made according to the standard schedule of the institution, and the minimum order amount is 1000 rubles.

The institution has many partners, among whichthere are organizers of photo and video filming, as well as a design studio. Note that an additional service is the holding of weddings and banquets in this place, accordingly, it is possible to thematically design the halls, so that the events that are planned will be remembered by the guests for a long time.

Reviews from visitors

On many sites and forums, you can see thatthe restaurant "Pirogovskiy Dvorik" receives a lot of positive comments. This applies to both the exterior and interior of the establishment, and the kitchen, the organization of events, staff. The team working here is well-coordinated: waiters work quickly, and cooks create real culinary masterpieces.

Restaurant "Pirogovskiy dvorik": address

The only drawback that is notedvisitors to the restaurant, is the cost of meals, which, in their opinion, could be an order of magnitude lower. On the other hand, many are willing to incur additional costs to get a guarantee that they can enjoy fine cuisine and live music away from the city bustle next to a small forest.

What should visitors remember?

So, it is advisable to call the administrator in advanceand specify the number of available seats, as well as indicate that you want to make a booking. Despite the fact that the institution is not so close to the center, it is very popular, so getting here without a preliminary order and booking a table can be quite difficult.