Restaurant "Marani" - a combination of Georgian wines and delicious dishes

Many Muscovites liked the opened inend of 2014 in the elite village restaurant "Marani". Today it is considered one of the prestigious institutions. Guests of this restaurant immediately became pretentious and sophisticated metropolitan residents. "Marani" from Georgian is literally translated as "wine cellar". Today there are already two such institutions. The second restaurant "Marani" was opened already in the center of Moscow on Kutuzov Avenue.

Marani Restaurant

general information

Here the most exquisite wines are served, without whichnot a single feast in Georgia. They are well combined not only with national dishes, but also with the cuisine of many countries of the world. The restaurant "Marani" is not only Georgian but also international food. In the menu are presented as satsivi, khachapuri or phali, and ravioli and even sushi. Judging by the reviews, visitors come here with a variety of gastronomic tastes. The task of the organizers of the project was initially to create an amazing atmosphere of comfort, warmth and true southern hospitality. There are no pompous interiors, and the layout is not very original. Nevertheless, the restaurant "Marani" from the very first day fell in love with Muscovites. And first of all they liked the home atmosphere that reigns in it.

Restaurant "Marani": the menu

Not only Georgian dishes, but international ones, were in demand.

As for the wines, most of the guests of the restaurantMARANI has long been waiting for their return to the domestic market. Therefore, the owners were sure that their project would restore the former glory of Khvanchkara, Tvishi, Kindzmarauli and other remarkable brands that Georgia deservedly deserved for centuries.

Arbi Shokri - the chef of this restaurant,that the versatile orientation of the kitchen MARANI gives him the opportunity for interesting experiments. As a result, he periodically updates the menu, and guests can appreciate the taste of the wonderful wines of sunny Georgia with a variety of dishes.

Restaurant Marani Menu

Shokri comes from Morocco.Being the pupil of the famous Joel Robishon, the chef "Marani" before that worked in the largest hotel complexes in Dubai and Casablanca. In the capital, this Moroccan has been living for almost ten years, and therefore already familiar with the demands and tastes of the metropolitan public. Guests visiting the Marani, a restaurant on Kutuzovsky, 21, speak highly of a lamb tongue salad with forest mushrooms, a lobio, a dolma with grape leaves, and an octopus with grilled vegetables.

A wine list prepared by the chef, verycarefully selected not only from the Georgian wines, which occupy an honorable place in it. Here you can taste Italian, Spanish, and French alcoholic beverages.


The international focus of this projectis expressed in the design. The restaurant "Marani" is the fruit of the joint work of the architect Maria Zhukova, who was in high demand today, who worked in tandem with the designer Irina Stepanova. On their account are many well-known projects, such as Luciano, Hills, VinoGrad, Imereti, the summer verandah of the Clouds restaurant, Beef Bar Junior and others. The restaurant "Marani" Zhukova designed as a two-story Georgian house, and already Stepanova designed it in a modern design with little accents from the national color. Surprisingly precisely adjusted combination of old and new in the halls of the establishment is especially noticeable on the ground floor. Here, the chandeliers brought from the last exhibition in Paris, the Maison Object, look great together with those original artifacts that were purchased at the famous bazaar of Tbilisi at Sukhoy Most.

Marani - restaurant on Kutuzovsky


The best summer veranda on KutuzovskyProspekt many Muscovites consider it the restaurant "Marani". It serves not only a delicious shish kebab, but also an amazing tomato soup and, of course, lemonade. Some believe that it has somewhat high prices. But they correspond to the quality of dishes and the size of portions. Many liked the warm salad from the chicken liver, which has its own zest, satsivi, phali and, of course, white wine.