How to clean the fungus correctly?

As is known, mushrooms are very nutritious and tasty, andthey contain many useful substances. From this kind of forest products, various treats are prepared, which can be served as a main course and as a side dish for meat or vegetables. To prepare such dishes, you need to know how to clean the mushroom properly.

Cleaning mushrooms

how to clean a mushroom

In the world there are many ediblerepresentatives of this forest "product", and for each type different methods of preparing raw materials are used. But it is possible to single out general principles suitable for all types. In order to know how to properly clean mushrooms, it is possible that such information will be useful:

  • If the collection of "vegetable meat" is carried out independently, you need to clear the fruits from the ground, grass and twigs immediately on the spot.
  • Before cleaning the mushroom, it should be carefullywash. And this applies to any kind of this product. This can be explained by the fact that bacteria that cause botulism can live on the surface of fruits, which live mainly in the soil. As is known, the stick of these spores does not die during heat treatment, so it is better to prevent this dangerous "enemy" from entering the food.
  • Fungus should be removed, and the cuticle can be removedbrush off with a brush. Large mushrooms, as a rule, have a thick upper layer on the bonnet, and it is better to remove it. And the skin of young fruit is thin, and it can not be removed.
    how to clean mushrooms
  • In old mushrooms, the bottom layer under the hat is best cut and cleaned up properly.
  • Also, before cleaning the mushroom, it is good to take into accountsuch information. Plate species are well soaked before cooking, so you can remove the bitter aftertaste and withdraw the worms (if they have settled inside the fetus). Tubular mushrooms should not be subjected to long-term water "procedures", as they absorb the liquid well. It is easy enough to wash them;
  • The top layer from the fruit caps can be removed with a knife, cutting off the edges and pulling the skin.

Additional Information

do I need to clean mushrooms

Perhaps this information will also be useful:

  • Before cleaning the mushroom, you need to wear gloves to protect the skin of your hands from darkening.
  • After the harvest, the fruits should not lie for long,the maximum time is 3 hours. This period will be shortened if the mushrooms were collected after the rain. If there is no possibility to immediately process the products, then it is better to place them in a container with slightly salted water.
  • To keep a fresh look of the cleared mushrooms, it is necessary to hold them a little in the solution acidified with a lemon juice.
  • Those who want to harvest forest products fordrought, may be interested in this question: "Do I need to clean mushrooms and wash them?" In this case, it is recommended to clean fruits from debris, cut off the legs, and conduct water procedures is undesirable.
  • To dry mushrooms it is possible in the refrigerating chamber, suchThus, it is possible to preserve the juiciness of the fruit. To do this, you can spread sheets of paper and place on them cleaned raw materials (preferably on the last shelves) in one layer. After two weeks, the raw material must be strung on a string and placed in a dry place.

Mushrooms can be used to prepare variousdishes. Also they can be harvested for winter in several ways (marinating, drying, canning). Of course, in any case it is important to know how to clean the mushrooms correctly, since this affects the quality and safety of the products.