What kind of viburnum does it have useful properties?

Everyone knows the name of a berries such as viburnum,useful properties of which were known even by our ancestors. But it does not grow in all parts of Russia, and therefore few people imagine what this berry looks like. Nevertheless, it is extremely useful, and about it - this article.

Kalina is a shrub that is occasionallyreaches the height of these trees, reaching up to three or four meters, but this is more likely an exception. In spring, the bush blooms with corymbose inflorescences of beautiful white flowers. For its growth, dampness is needed, so the viburnum perched along the banks of rivers, on damp and marshy areas, near lakes and in dark forests with high soil moisture. Residents of such places know that for a berry such - a viburnum, useful properties and contraindications to it too they are known. It would do well to familiarize everyone else with information about the benefits that can be derived from this plant.

The juice of the viburnum mixed with apple or rowanberryused for the preparation of jelly - the sap of guarana has a gelling effect, so for this purpose it has been used for centuries by people in Russia. If the apple dough is mixed in half with the viburnum, you can get an excellent home marmalade.

Berries of the viburnum - with ossicles, oval.They grow brushes, taste bitter, bitter, in color - bright red. Very juicy berries. But their bitterness is not to everyone's liking, and in olden days the viburnum was collected after the first frosts, and then kept in the frost - after that the bitterness of such a berry is significantly reduced, although it does not disappear at all. Nowadays it's easy and simple to do with the freezer, which is in any refrigerator.

To the bitterness left completely, the berries are extinguished in a closeddishes. Only a weak bitterish taste will remain. True, the stewed viburnum will lose useful properties - in part, but still it is. But it is perfect for baking pies, a big cake or cheesecakes, as well as for vareniki. From the juice of the berries prepare homemade vinegar.

Decoction of viburnum with honey is used forcolds, bronchitis, with coughing. In addition, the viburnum heals the stomach. The calyx bark is useful for scrofula, and it is also used as a hemostatic and antiseptic. By its composition, it is very useful, contains a lot of vitamins and acids, and you can take it even just to maintain a good state of health. Sometimes it is used to treat seizures.

For the preparation of infusions berry itself is usedviburnum, useful properties while it preserves, and drink such infusion with a variety of diseases - as is known, folk remedies require individual treatment. Therefore, you can try it for any illness. Harm from it will not, but the benefit - for sure. The most important healing property attributed to the infusion from the kalinka is a good effect on the nervous system. The berry itself, in its raw form, according to folk healers, is a preventive measure against cancer.

Decoction from the bark of this shrub is drunk for a cold,and the juice of Kalina useful properties retains completely and is used to treat stomach ulcers. If you have heart problems, also use this excellent juice, and soon your condition will improve. But there is a contraindication for this natural medicine. Despite the fact that it has beneficial properties, it can cause harm, so you need to follow the rules. It can be harmful in pregnancy, with gout, and also with those who have kidney problems. In addition, it is better not to take those people who have increased blood clotting - possibly the formation of thrombi.

However, the list ends here.If you visit a doctor, ask his opinion, but in general - listen to your body, pay attention to his state of health and reaction. Remember about contraindications and are treated with folk remedies - with a competent approach you will see an excellent result. Nature gives us health always, we only need to be able to use its gifts.