Recipe for Pea puree

All of us since childhood know the benefits of soups. Eat them every day. But it happens that the soup is annoying. I want to try something new and tasty, unusual. Something than you can please yourself and loved ones and how you can vary the daily menu. In that case, prepare pea puree. This dish is very nutritious and healthy. The protein content in peas is almost the same as in meat, namely beef. To give pea puree it is possible in a beautiful plate, a dish to add with rusks and greens. Then such a simple dish will give you new shades of taste. Preparation of pea puree does not take away much time or effort from you. How to make pea puree you can find in almost any cookbook. It does not require a lot of ingredients. Peas - an independent dish, because it contains a large amount of protein in its composition. Do not just forget that peas food is heavy enough for the stomach, so pea puree is better served for lunch. Moreover, it will satisfy the hunger for a long time.

Peas are also prepared for children, but from one and a half years. It should not be given to children, since peas cause fermentation in the intestinal tract. The benefit of such a dish is simply irreplaceable.

In order to choose the right recipepea puree, you need to understand the varieties of peas. Peas are divided into table, universal and canned. A universal variety of peas is suitable for soups and canning. Table grade peas are used for soups and cereals. The canning variety is accordingly used for canning.

How to answer the question "How to boil a peamashed potatoes? ". The most important secret of preparing a delicious pea puree is that the peas must be pre-soaked, preferably at night. Then peas do not have to cook for long. For cooking, suitable for both yellow and green peas. Yellow peas are tougher. Puree from green peas turns out soft and gentle on taste.

So, the recipe for pea puree.

For the preparation we need:

  • dried peas - 600 grams
  • bow - 2 heads of medium size
  • carrots - 1 pc. medium size
  • sunflower oil (can be replaced with olive oil)
  • salt to your liking

Preliminary need to peach several times with water and soak it overnight. After that, water must be poured, pour fresh peas with cold water, and put on a small fire.

Cook peas need 1-1,5 hours. Cold water must be added to the peas every 20 minutes. After the peas are completely boiled, it must be salted.

At this time, fry the onions and carrots with a little oil. Add them to the peas. Blend peas with a blender.

The recipe for pea puree. What are the secrets.

It is very important to properly salt a pea dish. It must be salted at the end of cooking. So mashed potatoes will not boil, it will cook more delicious and it will turn out more delicious.

Mash peas puree immediately, so it will turn out without lumps.

In the frying, you can add pepper. For a children's dish, vegetables need to be fried very little, just a little grab. Fried vegetables can be mixed with mashed potatoes or served separately.

Delicious is the recipe for pea puree with cracklings. To make such a puree you need to fry thinly sliced ​​bacon, in the same oil fry the onions. Pour the mashed potatoes with fried onions and bacon.

Cooking can be made from canned and frozen peas.

Recipes for cooking pea puree, as we see, very much. Add more of your imagination, and then such a simple dish will surprise your whole family.

This cereal is life, because it is filled with a lot of vitamins, which in spring our body lacks. The recipe for a pea dish is what you need!