How to cook squid?

Squid, a favorite delicacy of millions of people, refers to the subspecies of cephalopods, which, in addition to the squids themselves, include cuttlefish and octopus.

How to cook squid?"Yes, it's easy," anyone will answer, "throw in boiling water for 3-5 minutes." And it will be wrong. The result of such cooking will please only a very inexperienced person, for whom squid is a rarity.

It's right to cook squid - a whole art,which in the specialized chefs' schools are devoted to the cycle of classes (although the plan of lectures includes the cutting of cephalopods). And in Sydney, under the famous Fish Market, there is the Kalmar School, the training in which is directed only at the correct preparation of these mollusks, which it is difficult to call shellfish.

So, there are only three ways of cooking,responding to the question "How to cook squid?" - super-fast, very fast and very long. Also with the heat for cooking squid - either a very large fire, or a small-small one.

It is first necessary to consider the second, mosta common way of cooking squid, code-named "very fast." It's right to cook squid - then, in fact, blanch them in boiling water. In the water for cooking, we add peppercorns, bay leaf, salt, parsley and dill can be whole bunches, previously bound in a "bouquet". Throw the prepared carcass in the cool boiling water, quickly count to ten and pull out the noise. All! Squid ready. Probably, it is worth mentioning that pre-squid need to be gutted (sold cut squids and with giblets) and peeled from skin-peel. It is better to lower calamari into boiling water one at a time - it is easier to catch and less risk to digest while the first squid is pulled out. The next run into the water, only when it again begins to boil. The squid that has already passed the boiling water, you must immediately cool under the stream of water to stop the heat processes. Just do not boil the squid during the recommended by many authors of cooking books 3 minutes. Pity the product!

Italians answer the question "How to cooksquid? "in their own way. It is their way that we pass under the motto "super-fast". By the way, most Australians support them. With this method of cooking squid is not cooked at all. Many people know: to easily peel the squid, it needs to be poured with boiling water for a couple of moments. The Italians believe that after cleaning the squid it should once again be poured with boiling water, and no cooking. After a minute, drain the water, sprinkle the hot squid with vinegar or lemon juice (to taste) and leave to cool. Squid, cooked in this way, is guaranteed not to be digested. But if overdone in boiling water, turn into a kind of rubber - both in appearance and taste, greatly diminishing in size.

When the squid still did not follow andshriveled rubber hard squid no longer arouse appetite, the third way comes into effect - "very long". By the way, many peoples inhabiting the coastal areas do not recognize the fast ways of cooking squid, believing that it is not worth eating "raw" cephalopods. A great feature of squid is that the "rubber" product after 30 minutes of heat treatment again becomes soft and edible. True, boil at the same time almost twice. Hence, this method is suitable for those who have these very squids. A small, slow fire, 30-90 minutes of processing and "voila"! This method is suitable for preparing exotic dishes, for example, "Squid stuffed with rice, with sauce of fresh tomatoes, basil and thyme." Beauty! Here is another: "Squid in red wine with garlic and sage." With a long preparation, the saucepan with squid must be closed, and you can cook not only on the stove, but also in the oven, following the same principle: a small fire and more than 30 minutes.

How to cook frozen squid?Yes, exactly the same: before we completely defrost, cleanse from the entrails, pour boiling water to remove the skin, and begin to reflect on the topic "How to cook squid?", Thinking through all the above methods.

In conclusion, it should be said that our verysimple methods - to cook squid and salad - can be slightly modified if marinated after cleaning squid in milk or yogurt, lime juice or lemon, cook the pickled squid on a grill (very fast) or barbecue, fry in batter (super-fast) . Squid can be beaten before frying, like regular chops. There are many different dishes with squid. Even listing them will take a lot of space and time.

Well, the simplest advice on "Howto cook squid? "handed out. Now the choice is for those who want to pamper themselves with squid: very quickly and gently, or let's go the beaten path and cook for 3 minutes? Everyone has his own answer!