Hedgehogs in tomato sauce - "four happiness" in one plate

Who did not try mouth-watering and nutritious hedgehogs withtomato or creamy gravy? Thanks to rice grains sticking out in different directions, these peculiar meatballs resemble a forest animal - that's why they got such a name. And do you know what to cook hedgehogs - means to cook "four happiness"? In a long time in China, one dynasty had a good tradition: to prepare for the New Year meatballs, which were considered a symbol of honor, luck, joy and longevity, and the round shape of meat cakes meant a happy family environment. Modern hedgehogs are also round and also of meat, so let's continue the wonderful tradition. Nobody will not mind eating "four happiness" for dinner.

The main feature of hedgehogs is that they are always preparedin the sauce. The most popular are hedgehogs in tomato sauce. For their preparation you will need: minced meat - 800 g., Two onions, half a glass of washed rice, one egg, 300 g. Tomato puree, vegetable oil and spices to taste.

First we boil the rice until half cooked.It is very important not to digest it, so that the hedgehogs in tomato sauce turn out to be with rice "needles". If the rice is digested, then this effect will not work, and the taste will not be the same. Until half-ready, rice is cooked for no more than 10 minutes, then it is thrown back to the colander and washed with boiled water. Some housewives do not brew it at all, but put it in raw meat.

Next, we clean the onion, cut into small cubes andfry in oil. Put the minced meat into a plate, add rice, browned onion, 2 spoons of tomato puree. Instead of pasta, you can take an average tomato. We scald it and separate the peel, finely chop, add to the stuffing. There, drive the egg, salt and season with spices, all carefully mix. We make balls from the finished mixture. In each of them you can put a small piece of butter - hedgehogs in tomato sauce will become tender.

Now reheat the oven, into the baking dishwe put the balls tightly to each other. Fill with tomato sauce, add a little water, salt and pepper. Covering the form with foil, put in the oven. After 40 minutes hedgehogs in tomato sauce will be ready.

Hedgehogs can be cooked not only with tomato. There are different varieties of gravies, as well as many options for cooking hedgehogs themselves.

Extraordinary tender taste have hedgehogs in creamysauce. For cooking, you will need: half a kilogram of ground beef and the same number of pork, one egg, a half-glass of rice, one or two medium bulbs, salt and pepper. For the sauce: a glass of milk, half a cup of cream, two tablespoons of wheat flour.

We prepare hedgehogs.Boil the rice until half cooked, we throw it back in a colander. Add rice to the stuffing, drive the egg, salt, pepper and mix it well. Then we form large balls. Utyatnitsu or a pan grease with butter and put the hedgehogs there. Fill a saucepan with broth or boiled water. The meatballs should be half in the liquid. We put on the fire, after the broth or water boils, the fire is reduced and stewed for about 40 minutes, periodically turning the hedgehogs, but making sure that they do not fall apart. For confidence it is better to use two blades. If necessary, pour water.

Separately, prepare the sauce.Pour the milk into a container, fill the flour, add salt and pepper and whisk well. You can do this: put flour, salt and pepper in a jar, fill with milk, close the lid and vigorously shake until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

When the hedgehogs are ready, pour them a whipped sauce, add cream and, stirring, bring to a boil. After turn off the stove and let it brew for 10 minutes.

We serve the meat hedgehogs in the sauce hot.From above you can decorate with chopped herbs, sprinkle with crushed egg or grated cheese. For a side dish fit pasta, stewed vegetables, potatoes and salads of fresh vegetables.