Chicken in a frying pan: cooking recipes

The chicken in the frying pan turns out rosy andAppetizing, if properly cooked. Not every mistress can make the dish stay juicy, having a beautiful golden hue on top. Preparing meat in this way takes minimal time and money, and the result can turn out to be excellent.

Dishes from a chicken in a frying pan are the most diverse. You can make meat with or without vegetables, season with mayonnaise or other sauce, etc. One of the dishes is made according to the following recipe.

chicken in a frying pan

You can take as a whole bird carcass, cut intopart, and a leg or, for example, wings. The thawed chicken is thoroughly washed with cold water, and fat is removed from it. Salt and pepper are mixed in equal proportions. You can take other seasonings instead of peppers, which is more preferable for the cook. The meat is rubbed with the resulting mixture, then left for a while. Usually pickled this dish for no more than half an hour. Frying pan is put on fire. It adds 5 tbsp. spoons of vegetable oil, which heats up.

Pieces of meat are laid in a bowl, the fire is reduced by 2 times. The chicken in the frying pan is fried on both sides for 15-20 minutes. Serve this dish with a garnish of potatoes or pasta.

pilaf with chicken in a frying pan

Make pilaf with chicken in a frying pan is easy, tohe also prepares quite quickly. To do this, you need a half kilogram of meat (breast, thigh or drumstick), 2-3 medium sized bulbs, carrots, 2 cups of steamed rice. Condiments that are necessary for pilaf are turmeric, ground coriander, zira, black pepper. A set of spices can be adjusted to taste.

A frying pan suitable for cooking musthave high sides and a thick bottom. The rice is poured with boiling water for half an hour, after which it is washed under running water. In the dishes pour the sunflower oil, lay out pieces of meat and fry them from two sides. Onion is peeled and finely chopped. Carrots are cut into small blocks. Vegetables are alternately added to the meat, all fried together. Further in the dish put salt and spices. Meat with vegetables are left on a small fire for 5-10 minutes.

The last place in the frying pan is put rice.Groats are flattened over the entire surface, covering the rest of the ingredients. Further, water is poured in such a way that its level is 2 cm above all ingredients. The dish is left to stew on a small fire until the liquid completely evaporates.

chicken dishes in a frying pan
Chicken in a frying pan can be prepared withvegetables. They can be used for this purpose not only fresh, but also frozen. So, for the next recipe you need a package of vegetable mix, kilo fillets, vegetable oil, soy sauce, spices to taste. Meat is cut into small cubes. To ensure that the chicken in the frying pan is more tender, it is recommended to marinate in soy sauce for half an hour.

Next, the pieces of meat are fried for 20-30 minutes. Frozen vegetables are put in a frying pan, salt and spices are added, everything is thoroughly mixed. The dish is left to stew until done.