Restaurant "On the Roof". Kazan invites you to enjoy the view

Kazan becomes a real city of contrasts.Here you can find institutions with a national cuisine, or with dishes familiar to Europeans. Also in the city there are many interesting institutions that are located both on separate sites and are part of the complexes. One of them is the restaurant "On the Roof". Kazan offers this time to enjoy dishes, being on the top floor of a five-story building. An interesting sight arises before the visitors of the restaurant. This is due to the successful location of this institution. That is why there are always a lot of visitors in it, and the table needs to be booked in advance.

Location of the establishment

In the heart of the city, next to a lot ofshopping centers and memorable buildings, there is a restaurant "On the Roof" (Kazan). Baumana, 82 is located at the very end of the main pedestrian street of the city. It is often compared with the Moscow Arbat. It houses both historic buildings and more modern complexes.

In a minute from this institution there is an entrance to theunderground. Also in walking distance and bus, trolleybus stops. Thus, to reach the restaurant is not difficult from anywhere in the city. Which, of course, is a plus. Also nearby are several hotels, which is relevant for tourists.

restaurant on the roof of Kazan

Zones of establishment

What is the neighbor of the restaurant "On the Roof"?Kazan is inundated with shopping centers, in one of them this institution is located. On the fifth floor of the complex "Svita Hall" there are two zones of the restaurant. The first - directly leads to the roof. However, it works only in the summer. It is difficult to get to this veranda, you will have to book seats at least for a couple of weeks.

The second zone works all year round, as it is closedfrom the wind and the elements. However, it is also popular because it has large windows and a glazed roof. When booking places that are located next to the windows, you will have to make a deposit.

Interior of the restaurant

What are the advantages of the restaurant?roof "? Kazan has interesting designs of many cafes and restaurants. In this case, visitors enter an institution that is full of fun things. For example, visitors are invited to hang the outer clothing on horizontally suspended brooms and a broom.

Also, most furniture itself is made of pallets. The seats are soft cushions. The banks perform the role of lamps, and on each table there is a beautiful lamp with candles inside.

Everything is done in bright colors:from brown-beige to white. Also worth noting is that the restaurant "On the Roof" (Kazan) offers to see how the dishes are prepared. This was made possible by the open kitchen. Visitors are watching with interest the mixing of cocktails or working with barbecues.

restaurant on the roof of the Kazan menu

Restaurant "On the Roof" (Kazan): menu

The cuisine of the institution is quite diverse. You can enjoy Italian, choosing from a variety of types of pizza. It is interesting that this dish can be served on a funny two-tier wooden stand.

You can also choose to roll both traditional andbaked. Also a wide selection of salads, cutlets, hot dishes. Particular attention is paid to cocktails, both alcoholic and not. Most of them use fresh fruit or berries. They can be used as desserts, which are not so much in the restaurant menu.

restaurant on the roof of Kazan Bauman 82

Also there is a map of the bar, which includes both strong alcoholic beverages and wines. Almost everything can be ordered as a portion, or for the whole company, with a whole bottle.

Also there is a choice of hookahs, the benefit of hood allows. It is worth noting that because of the interesting location, the premises in winter are not very well heated, but for this case, blankets are prepared.