How to boil potatoes in a uniform: simple secrets of perfect taste!

Many, after reading the headline, will say:"It's not a big deal to cook potatoes." Yes, most housewives are sure that it is not exactly necessary to teach them. After all, potatoes are almost an everyday dish. Without it you can not cook soup or borsch, potatoes are a delicious and hearty side dish to many meat dishes. A potato in a uniform is the easiest, because it does not even need to be cleaned!

Nevertheless, covering the issue of how to cookpotatoes in a uniform, it is necessary to tell about small and simple subtleties which will help to keep a pristine taste and to save vitamins and useful substances which in a potato not too it is not enough.

It should be noted that 75% of this vegetable consists ofwater, and 18% - from starch. Nevertheless, it has many vitamins and minerals: riboflavin, pyridoxine, ascorbic acid, vitamin K, magnesium, sodium, thiamine, niacin, folacin, calcium, phosphorus, choline, iron, potassium, lutein. Not such a small list for an unsightly vegetable that grows in our land.

Let's think about how to cook potatoes inuniform, so that he will retain all the benefits for us. The taste of potatoes can be very different. It depends on the variety of the vegetable, the growing region, the fertilizers used in the cultivation, the time of excavation and the method of storage.

Usually potatoes in a uniform are cooked, when nothave plenty of time when the vegetable is needed to make a salad if the potatoes are too small and clean it for a very long time. Often young potatoes are brewed in a uniform, so it becomes even more tasty and aromatic.

To cook potatoes in a uniform, one should choose potatoes of approximately the same size, it is advisable to use one sort of root vegetable, so it is evenly cooked.

Potatoes are good for washing, we put them in a pansuitable size, pour cold water. The water level should be above the level of vegetables by one centimeter. Add salt to the pan: half a teaspoon for one liter of water. On how much to cook a potato in a uniform, salt does not exert influence, but helps to prevent cracking of a skin.

After the potatoes are loaded, it is put onmaximum fire and waiting for the boiling water. Then the fire must be reduced to a minimum, so the potatoes will boil well until the middle and keep the nutrients. If you cook potatoes in a uniform on high fire, then the edges will be ready, and the middle will remain firm and tasteless. Approximate time of cooking potatoes in a uniform is 20-25 minutes. Check the readiness with a fork or knife, punching the vegetable to the middle. If a sharp object easily passes and leaves, the potato is ready.

Now merge the water, wait for the root to cool, and serve it to the table.

How to cook potatoes in a salad dressing?It's very simple: the algorithm of actions is the same, the only difference is that after cooking it needs to be lowered into cold water. So it will cool faster, and it will be easier to clean it from the peel.

In many modern kitchens microwave oventakes an honorable place. You can weld potatoes in a uniform using this modern device. And many housewives know how to boil potatoes in a uniform in a microwave oven, successfully applying knowledge in practice. This way of cooking potatoes in a uniform will do, if you do not have a lot of time. Cooking potatoes in the microwave can be for salad, and for serving on the table in the form of a garnish.

Put the vegetables on a flat plate in one layer.Before this, pre-pierce each root with a thin knife in several places, so that the potatoes are evenly warmed and cooked. We load everything into the microwave for 7-10 minutes, depending on the capacity of the oven.

You can cook potatoes in a uniform and ina double boiler. To do this, pour 2 cups of cold water into the container, lower the washed potatoes there. Cook it all in a steamer for about 15 minutes. Delicious and healthy potatoes ready!

How to cook potatoes in a uniform? We hope that you found the answers in this article. Delicious potatoes!