Restaurant "Trophy" (Kazan): Address, description, menu

Everyone chooses in which atmosphere to conductromantic date or a family dinner. We suggest you feel like a real hunter in the restaurant "Trophy" (Kazan). This is one of the most cozy establishments of the city, which admires visitors with its unique interior and impeccable service. We will tell you about where it is and what is offered in the menu.

restaurant trophy Kazan

Restaurant "Trophy" in Kazan: features

I would like to feel you in a rolea real hunter and experience a sense of pride in their prey? Even in a large city, it will be extremely easy. Restaurant "Trophy" in Kazan - a place in which each person wakes up hunting instincts. On three floors of the establishment there are cozy rooms with absolutely stunning interiors. Let's get acquainted with each of them:

  • First floor.Here you are waiting for individual booths in which you can retire alone or sit out a big company. On the walls hang animal skins, deer horns, beautiful candlesticks. The interior helps create a great mood.
  • Second floor.Here usually come to celebrate an important celebration or relax a friendly company. To services of visitors: a spacious hall, a dance floor, a karaoke. It's always fun and noisy. Talented hosts conduct various entertainment programs and competitions for visitors.
  • Third floor. An indescribable atmosphere of carefree and happiness awaits you in the open air in the lounge areas. There are also closed booths here.

Restaurant "Trophy" (Kazan): menu

The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes that can satisfy the tastes of even the most sophisticated gourmet. We list only a few items from the menu:

  • carpaccio of smoked veal;
  • cocktail of game and vegetables;
  • tartare from moose;
  • salad with baked game, bell pepper and green beans;
  • salad steak with moose;
  • Caesar with chicken breast;
  • dumplings from moose;
  • tomato soup with boiled meatballs and smoked bacon;
  • cappuccino from forest mushrooms;
  • stew of roe deer on mashed potatoes;
  • Cutlets from a wild boar with green beans.

The menu offers a wide range of shish kebabs: salmon fillet, champignons, pork neck, quails, etc. Preparation of delicious dishes requires special professionalism from the chefs.

trophy restaurant kazan menu

Place for appointments and friendly meetings

Restaurant "Trophy" in Kazan will surprise you with its uniqueness and elegance. It remains only to name his address - Second South-Western street, 7. The nearest metro stations are "Kozya Sloboda", "Severnyi Vokzal".