How to cook a Veprevo knee: a recipe with a stew of stewed cabbage

The baked Veprevo knee has long beena symbol of traditional Czech cuisine. It is served in almost all restaurants in this country with a lot of dark beer and stewed cabbage. It should be noted that the baked knuckle of Veprevo, the recipe of which presupposes traditional methods of cooking, is actually brewed, contrary to its name, and only in order to give a delicious crust is kept in the oven.

Veprevo knee recipe


To prepare the dish you will need:

- Pork shank - 2 kg;

- Onion - 2 pieces;

- dark beer - 2 liters;

- carnation;

- carrots - 1 piece;

- cumin;

- Bay leaf;

- celery root - 100gr;

- sauerkraut - 1 kg;

- honey - 1 tbsp;

- grain mustard - 1 tbsp;

- pepper fragrant;

- salt;

- garlic - 1 head.

 recipe for veprevo knee

Preparation and cooking

First of all, you need to determine the sizepans, which is ideal for this recipe. Veprvo knee should be completely obsessed with it, but the container should not be too large to not increase the consumption of beer. It is necessary to place well-washed meat. Next, we pour beer in there, so that it completely covers the wheel. After this, put the pan on the fire and bring its contents to a boil.

At this point, we begin to prepare vegetables. Carrots are cleaned and cut into large cubes. We also deal with celery. Also veprevo knee, the recipe of which is based on traditional cooking, requires certain processing of onions. He is cut off the root system and crammed with cloves, in such a state to put in a pan after boiling water and removing noise. There we send the head of garlic, bay leaf, caraway, cooked vegetables, salt and sweet pepper. After this, they brew for two hours the veprevo knee. The recipe does not presume to cover the pan with a lid, but some cooks do.

baked Veprvo knee recipe

Garnish and sauce

While preparing the shank, it is necessarypeel the second onion and cut into half rings. Then it is fried on a small amount of vegetable oil and sauerkraut is added to the pan. It is worth noting that the Veprevo knee, the recipe of which presupposes a classic serving, can also use fresh vegetables as a garnish, but it is this salting in combination with cumin and pork that will give the necessary taste. In cabbage, you can add a little spices and stew it for about thirty minutes, adding a small amount of water or broth.

At the same time, you can start the sauce. It will be needed in order to grease the knee before baking. The recipe for its preparation is quite simple. It is necessary to mix mustard with honey, and to get the necessary consistency, you can add a little broth.


Once the knuckle is welded, onto the mold forroast the stewed cabbage, on top of which lay the meat. Then rustle smeared sauce and put in the oven, which was heated to 160 degrees. Fifteen minutes later, the knee is turned over, and the cabbage is mixed. Everyone again pours the sauce and bake for another twenty minutes. After that, the dish is spread on a plate and served to the table.