When will the zombie apocalypse? What do zombies look like? Zombies in real life

The theme of transformation of a part of the population of the Earth intobloodthirsty zombies who walk the streets of cities and hunt for those who are still alive, has been worrying minds for many decades. Interest in zombies has recently gained tremendous power, while the main supplier of stories about the dead is the United States. It is here that they constantly ask themselves about when the zombie apocalypse will be and prepare hard for this day. The Pentagon has already developed a plan of action in the event of such a phenomenon. Why does this matter excite people, try to understand today.

when there will be an apocalypse of zombies

The Problem of the Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse is aa fantastic scenario of many horror movies where some viral infection turns healthy people into living dead-cannibals that are aggressive, and this leads to the extinction of the world's population.

In 1968, real zombies in the form of bloodthirstyThe dead were introduced into the culture thanks to the film "Night of the Living Dead". After this idea of ​​the apocalypse began to act as standard samples, which were applied to many areas of mass culture. Scenarios of the invented apocalypse assume the invasion of a zombie with an infectious virus like an epidemic of a real disease. The bite of a walking dead man contributes to the death of a person and his subsequent transformation into a monster that burns with the desire to attack live people. Military and police can not cope with such a large-scale threat, so those who survived must fight.

The script also describes how to protect yourself from zombies. To do this, you need to find weapons and cars, in which to go to a deserted place and settle there. Preliminary it is necessary to stock up with food, clothes, water, medical preparations and various equipment.

Reality and zombies

Many scientists have developed a modelzombie apocalypse as a viral epidemic of unknown origin, where it was pointed out that the existence of this problem would lead to the collapse of civilization. In 2011, published a humorous instruction on how, what to do during the zombie apocalypse. This joke aroused public interest. Three years later, the Pentagon developed a plan to evacuate people from cities, if such a catastrophe happens.

In Britain, scientists have calculated how muchwill pass the time until the complete destruction of mankind in the event of the onset of the apocalypse. According to their assumptions, during a hundred days the number of people on earth will be two hundred people, and zombies - one hundred million individuals. They also found that, when there will be an apocalypse of zombies, it will become global in scopetwenty days. The chances of getting infected at the same time will amount to 90%, the dead themselves would have survived for twenty days, after which they were liquidated due to hunger and dehydration.

real zombies

Preparation for the Apocalypse

Today, almost everyone knows, what zombies look like. They embraced mass culture enoughquickly, appearing in movies, books, video games and so on. Americans have deep fear in the mind of the crowds of the dead who wish to eat live flesh. Therefore, in many stores of weapons began to appear so-called sets against zombies, which included real knives, shotguns and stuff.

Comedian Mel Brooks has produced a "Guide tosurvival "in the case of the apocalypse, which formed the basis of the famous film" War of the Worlds Z ". The Pentagon has developed the plan CONOP 888, which describes the actions for the attack of zombies. In Kansas regularly conducted exercises, so there are all ready by the time, when there will be an apocalypse of zombies. Also this topic is highlighted by the media, periodically issuing news, which, of course, are ducks.

But most people tend to believe a fake,so they are seriously preparing for a mass epidemic. For example, a few years ago it was reported that on the shore of Fr. St. Thomas was thrown out of the body of a man with a peeled skin. Upon arrival of the police, the drowned man stood up and attacked them. The guards of the order started shooting at the man, but this had no effect, so they began to retreat. One of the observers grabbed a gun and shot a dead man in the head, from which he died. The body was taken away by the military, who later claimed that zombies in real life exist. A few years later, the Australian minister before the date of the expected end of the world (12.12.2012) issued a statement that he was ready to protect his people from walking dead.

what zombies look like

The virus Solanum

Zombies are neither the result of black magic nora different force. They come from a virus called Solanum. And whether the zombie apocalypse depends on how quickly this virus spreads on the planet. This virus spreads by blood from the place of hit to the brain. He uses frontal cells to copy data, which then destroys. When this happens, all the body functions stop, the brain does not die, but goes into a sleeping state, and Solanum turns the body cells into new organs. The newly formed organism is not dependent on oxygen. After mutation, the body comes to life, but it is similar to a corpse. Some functions of the body remain, others - they function in a limited way, and still others stop altogether. This new species is called a zombie - a representative of the living dead. Thus, the virus Solanum creates real zombies, it gets into the bloodstream to a healthy person, causing certain mutations.

zombies in real life

Survive at any cost!

Survival is the main goal in the apocalypse. When faced with living dead, many abilities are needed: first aid, survival in the wild, possession of weapons, leadership and so on. Currently, a lot of films are devoted to this topic, reviewing which you can get knowledge about how to survive and fight against zombies. To eliminate such an individual, it is necessary to disconnect its brain, other ways of fighting these creatures are not found.

the walking Dead

Today, almost everyone knows what they look likezombie. They are walking dead who embody evil. They are endowed with unmotivated rage, aggression towards living, strong hunger, go in packs. The brain is affected, the body functions do not work, the tissues decompose. But in this all there is no logic, such creatures are observed only in pop culture and have nothing to do with reality.

Such an image of a zombie was created for movie sceneswith the purpose of box office. After all, the dead are most feared by people who believe in a zombie apocalypse. Science refutes the possibility of the existence of such walking dead. Thus, it is proved that metabolic processes do not occur in a dead body, there is no regeneration of tissues, there is no biochemistry in it that can provide thinking, movement, reflexes and aggression itself. It follows that zombies in real life will not be able to walk,because they do not have internal energy for this. Because the connections between the tissues are very weak, they would simply fall apart. In addition, the dead do not have digestion, so they can not have their victims.

 will there be a zombie apocalypse

Zombie man

This version is more realistic and in somedegree suited to modern times. According to some interpretations, the modern zombie obeys someone's orders, it is a person with an undermined mental health and memory. He is a kind of slave without consciousness and will, devoid of independence, and follows orders from without.

We know what a zombie apocalypse is, from moviesand books, but what if it has already arrived? In this case, in the role of zombies are sectarians who blindly give the sect their property, and in some cases commit murder and suicide. Manipulating with the consciousness of a person, their leaders commit various unlawful acts by the hands of others. Also those who blindly believe political rhetoric can become zombied. Such a zombie apocalypse was already in our history and claimed a huge number of lives - it was called fascism.

when the zombie apocalypse begins

Infected people

Pop culture created this kind of zombie, whichcorresponds to a healthy person, infected with a dangerous virus, he makes him aggressive and hungry, losing common sense. Such a virus, according to some sources, is created in a military laboratory that develops biological weapons. Therefore, when the zombie apocalypse begins, is very relevant. In fact, such viruses already exist in nature and are familiar to many people.

Real viruses

In the modern world there are several diseases. People who are sick with them, to some extent resemble zombies:

  1. Toxoplasmosis is a disease that is transmitted fromcats. Many studies that have been conducted on rats have shown that infected with this virus, they begin to eat themselves. This disease actually affects half the globe. People with a strong immune system do not notice any symptoms, but those whose immunity is weakened notice flashes of anger and autoaggression. Although toxoplasmosis to date, no one has turned into a zombie.
  2. Disease Creutzfeldt-Jakob - ailment of the cortexbrain and neural nodes, which is dystrophic in nature. The human brain is damaged, hallucinations begin, dementia, loss of skills, inadequate thinking, rage. There is no medicine for this disease, it can be hereditary and acquired. But this disease is unlikely to lead to a zombie apocalypse, since a person with such a disease dies within two years.
  3. African trypanosomiasis occurs when a fly stingstsetse. The disease affects the central nervous system, there are bouts of hunger, accompanied by fatigue and inhibition. Perhaps, this disease and created in African peoples the image of a zombie. But this disease is completely curable and will not lead to apocalypse.

Zombies in modern culture

how to protect zombies

So when there will be an apocalypse of zombies? Most likely - never. Zombies - this is just a popular brand, which is created to make money. This image symbolizes the phobia of a person, something terrible, which can be encountered in life. And many earn on these phobias. Today, almost everyone knows who zombies are, how they look, what they eat and how to kill them. And all this is due to modern culture: cinema and literature. In communication, the words "zombie", "apocalypse", "walking dead" and more began to be used more often. Some universities in the world are studying zombies as a cultural phenomenon. Students are considering the question of why recently a huge number of films about these monsters are being shot, and that they are interested in the common man. Every year in different countries of the world there is a procession of a large number of people dressed as dead. Sociologists and psychologists are still studying this phenomenon.


Thus, the zombie in the modern world expressespeople's fears, from which it is impossible to escape. It is films that generate these phobias, which in many cases require medical treatment. And the apocalypse, most likely, will not come the next hundred years.