What does the white light dream about: the secrets of night vision

Sometimes a person in a dream sees certainimages or symbols, and then in real life with him or her these or other events occur. Analyzing the connection between visions and reality, we often think that everything happened not accidentally, but it was someone planned. As if the night pictures are symbols of what should happen in the future. And it is not always clear, for example, what does a white light or a bouquet of scarlet roses dream about? What should happen in life after such a "signal" from above?

Unexplained phenomena

For many centuries, scientists have been arguing overthe fact that all the same are human dreams. Some are sure that this is a flight of fantasy. Others believe that in a dream everyone sees his future. It appears in the form of images or certain situations that need only be properly explained. In a dream, a person sees something that does not really exist. But why does he see it and what should it all lead to? Interpretation of dreams people began to deal with in ancient times. Over time, this knowledge was collected in special books, which were called "dream books". In them, the authors set out their vision of the situation, guided by one or other of the principles. Thus, according to Vanga's dream book, explanations are given on the basis of her own gift of clairvoyance, and Lofa all comes down to the human soul.

what does the white light dream about

But what if I saw something abstract. For example, what does a white light dream about? To begin with, this event should be divided into two parts: "white" and "light." Then you need to find an explanation for each concept separately, and only then put everything together. Only after that it will be possible to somehow understand what the white light is dreaming about and what life events should happen because of this in the near future. It is usually believed that light is a good sign. Even in life, something desirable, as a rule, is compared with "light in the window". People call their hopes for excellent health, better life and well-being "a bright future". That is, light is something pure, warm, long-awaited and necessarily positive. Therefore, thinking about what the white light dreams about, a person inclines to the idea that in the future it will have success, success, victory and joy. After all, light initially causes everyone only positive emotions.

Light in dreams

white light sleep

The word "light" means life in allits best manifestations. Light is also associated with carelessness, freedom and, finally, happiness. This symbol is suitable for any, even the most high-flown expressions. If the light is very bright in a dream, then according to the logic there should be an event that will amaze with its eccentricity and surprise. Or, for example, dreaming a ray of light making its way through the clouds. This may mean that in the near future a person will discover some mystery, which, perhaps, will turn his whole life around. Most dreamers agree that seeing a white light is a good dream. For example, Americans have this connected with divine power and spirituality. And for the French, this light can mean a huge success and the realization of all desires. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to what kind of light it was. If the ray is dull, then all hopes will be realized only partially. But when in the night visions the light flickers or eventually dies, then all the most grandiose and desired plans will remain only in dreams.

White color

white light in a dream

Waking up in the morning, a person always triesexplain what I saw at night. This usually happens instinctively. Those who have seen a white light in a dream tend to think that this is a clear sign from above. Perhaps it is. But why exactly white? Here everything is explicable. After all, it is usually considered white as a symbol of purity and innocence. Therefore, when something white appears in the dream, the person's soul feels a kind of relief, tranquility and pacification. No negative emotions, only a positive perception of the surrounding reality. White color, in fact, is the absence of any other colors and shades. Purity is spiritual and physical, which can be associated with the birth of life. The baby, having appeared in the light, does not distinguish colors. In the first seconds after birth, he sees a lot of white around him, and this makes him happy. Therefore, white objects in most cases - positive visions, they should not be afraid.

Is it good if the white

In practice, many dream books note the fact thatusually a dream of white light is not always good for something. Sometimes this is a kind of warning. That is, light without any shades can portend numerous quarrels and serious conflicts. And only if you show strength of character, indulgence and patience, as a result, as a reward will be granted peace and prosperity. This explanation is more religious in nature and calls for humility. Such dreams require a person to display strength of character, kindness and understanding. Only resisting temptations and all sorts of irritants, one can feel spiritual kindness and acquire real spiritual strength.

the white light is dreaming

Such a dream looks like a test for strength, andto sustain it is capable only of a man with great willpower and a desire to be better in order to achieve more. But really correct explanation can be given only by knowing the content of the dream entirely. After all, even the smallest detail in this case can play an important role.