Holy Trinity Cathedral, Ekaterinburg: description, history, rector

The history of Christianity in Russia is rich in significantevents and dates, glorified by saints and deeds. The most obvious witnesses and participants in the variability of the attitude of the church, people and power have become churches, cathedrals and monasteries. The Holy Trinity Cathedral (Yekaterinburg) was built in the 19th century as an Old Believer church that later became a congregation. For its long history, the temple knew prosperity and devastation, but today it serves the city and townspeople for the direct purpose of the spiritual center.

Difficulties in recognizing

The project of the cathedral was created in 1814 on fundsprosperous merchant Yakim Ryazanov. He had authority in the Ekaterinburg environment of the Old Believers and at many factories, where up to 150 thousand people worked. Originally the temple was modest in size, the architectural complex was decided in the style of classicism. On three sides it was surrounded by porticoes, and a massive dome crowned the top, visually increasing the building two-fold.

The Old Believers did not have the right to open churches,so the church built in 1824 was called the "prayer house". The building was not relying on a cross, the consecration ceremony was not conducted. Ryazanov appealed to various authorities, filed a complaint to Tsar Alexander I, but nothing helped, and the premises remained sealed.

One of his initiatives was reassignmentpriests of the Old Believer tradition directly to the Government, bypassing the local hierarchs, but by law for the consecration of the church and the services it required the observance of the rules of the hierarchy of Orthodoxy and the adoption of one religion.

Holy Trinity Cathedral Yekaterinburg


Yakim Ryazanov wanted the temple to be sanctified andhe conducted services, so in 1838 he accepted the unity of faith and received permission to complete the church. The first was consecrated Zlatoustsky side-chapel, it happened in 1939. Ten years later, the consecration was given to Nikolsky (the northern) chapel. In the same year, 1849, Ryazanov died, without waiting for the consecration of the main church, which occurred only in 1852. The central church of the church is consecrated in honor of the Holy Life-giving Trinity.

Holy Trinity Cathedral decoratedbell tower in 1854, which greatly extended the temple, giving it the missing monumentality. The interior of the church sets up everyone entering into the prayerful mood. The central part has a five-tiered iconostasis, and in the side aisles the icons are set in two tiers. The people's memory has preserved the name of the main donator of the church, and still the cathedral has a second name - Ryazanovsky.

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For the needs of the revolution

During the lifetime of Yakim Ryazanov, Holy TrinityThe cathedral was considered the richest parish of the entire diocese. In addition to valuable church utensils, the miraculous icons of the Kazan Mother of God and Nicholas the Wonderworker were kept in the church. In the 20-ies, during the expropriation of values ​​from Orthodox churches, 5 poods of silver items were taken from the cathedral, including the inlaid with the diamonds the icon of the Kazan Mother of God.

The Soviet period

After the ruin of service in the cathedral continued10 years. By the decree of the city authorities it was closed in 1930. In the heat of the redevelopment of the entire complex, the dome and bell tower were dismantled. The internal premises were preparing for the performance of entirely different functions. In different years, under the arches of the former temple, there was the Roth-Front movie theater, a weaving factory, the last destination was the club of the Palace of Culture of Motorists. Since 1981 in the former temple began to hold the annual festival "Aelita", which attracted numerous fans of Soviet fiction. At the end of the 80s the Automobile House of Culture hosted concerts of a local rock club.

diocese of Ekaterinburg


With the change of social and political systemit became possible to transfer the church to the Orthodox community. Ekaterinburg diocese returned the cathedral to the bosom of the church in 1996. Restoration work in the active and large-scale phase was carried out during 1998-99. The exterior of the church was completely revived and dome light drums were installed, in 2000 a bell tower was built according to historical drawings.

Holy Trinity Cathedral (Yekaterinburg)The second time was solemnly consecrated by Patriarch Alexy II in September 2000. In the restored cathedral there is a unique iconostasis carved from the serpentine, the walls are decorated with frescoes, which were written according to the ancient rule - on raw plaster. The temple attracts a large number of pilgrims, parishioners and simply interested in the history of people. In the days of large church holidays or during the stay of the Orthodox churches in the church, the doors of the cathedral are open around the clock. In 2011, more than 150 thousand people came to bow to the belt of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Cathedral of the Trinity of the Life-Giving Yekaterinburg

Spiritual and Enlightenment Center

The Cathedral of the Trinity Zhyznachnaya (Moscow) Yekaterinburg) since the revival leads active educational work for children and adults. At the church in September 1996, the center and the first Sunday church-parish school for children were opened. The spiritual director and the head of the school is Alexander Rykov (archpriest). Main activities:

  • Education. Ekaterinburg diocese pays much attention to work with young people and children. The school trains about sixty children, the staff of teachers has 11 mentors, some of whom have secular education of the highest pedagogical school, and some higher education in the church field. Training is conducted on disciplines - the Law of God, liturgics, catechism, the church language, ISO, folk singing, applied art, etc.
  • Education. In order to educate the church's consciousness, children participate in the procession, specially for them children's divine liturgies are held on the days of the Easter and Christmas holidays. For the parents and parishioners of the cathedral in the days of Lent the children's collective gives a concert where the youth church choir takes special care. In days of Maslenitsa, relay races are held, snow towns are being built, parishioners are treated to pancakes.

In addition to working with children and adolescents,scientific and research activity, the publishing house works. In the Easter holidays, a special tradition has developed - everyone can go up to the bell tower of the Trinity Cathedral and call the evangelists according to their own taste and temperament.

protoire nicholas

To help adults

Communication is necessary not only for children, but also foradults, and it is fully provided by the Holy Trinity Cathedral (Ekaterinburg). History teaches each person to respond to someone else's misfortune and not limit themselves to the knowledge gained in his youth. For the older generation, the doors of the discussion club "Silot" are open, meetings of which are held on Wednesdays. The topics discussed at the meetings are of interest not only to deeply religious people, but also to those who want to expand the horizons of the world view.

For club members the opportunity is givento make pilgrimage trips, attend Sunday school for adults, take part in religious processions and communicate with like-minded people. One of the gifts for children and adults is the organization of children's summer camps on the territory of the cathedral, where children spend their holidays in the circle of their peers and under the supervision of adults, go on excursions, study in various creative studios, go to museums and much more.

Holy Trinity Cathedral Yekaterinburg History

Helpful information

The temple is located in the city center and afterrecovery has become one of his business cards. The services are held daily. The rector of the cathedral, Protopriest Nikolai Maleta, except for worries about the church, is the rector of the Ekaterinburg theological school, lectures to students on theology and apologetics, and also holds a number of posts in church bodies.

Holy Trinity Cathedral (Yekaterinburg)the address is as follows: Rosa Luxemburg street, building 57. The feast day of the cathedral is the day of the Trinity of the Life-Giving, which is celebrated on June 4.