Monkey-Scorpio (woman and man): characteristic, compatibility

An interesting combination of horoscopes is Monkey-Scorpio. What character traits do these people have? You will find out about this if you read our article.


A very interesting person isMonkey-Scorpio. A man is particularly fond of life. These guys lead an active lifestyle, prefer to travel. For Scorpios, natural craving and love of nature are natural, and on the part of the Monkey, excessive curiosity is explainable.

monkey scorpion

Such men tend to quickly become attached to things and people. If there is love, then incredibly strong, it is felt by everyone around. I want to constantly discover something new and secret.

The feat in this case is not something special. After all, there is the courage that is characteristic of real men. Characteristic combination of very different traits of character. Sensitivity, romanticism, the ability to subtly perceive close people, on the one hand, and on the other - the need for extreme adventures, rancor.

At the same time he feels inner freedomMonkey-Scorpio. A man is capable of doing real actions and being responsible for his words. They do, however, this is rare. Why? Because everyone who was born in the year of the Monkey, is overly curious about everything around, not having completed one thing, grabbing for another. Such people are unable to learn from the mistakes of others, they need to feel everything on themselves.

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A special perception of the world in men

There is also a thirst for learning everything new,fantasize. Monkeys want to give their love to the whole world, things, animals, and especially their second half. But Scorpio pushes to risky deeds. The human Monkey-Scorpio forms a special perception of the world. Such people believe in mysticism and this explains many phenomena in their lives.

At the same time such men need a special approach. They too emotionally perceive everything, they want to get everything incomprehensible, put the highest goals before themselves, which, in most cases, they reach.

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What do these men choose?

Such men can be found among people whodevote their lives to science and scientific discoveries. As a favorite occupation, there can be interest in art, music, drawing, writing poems and other creative preferences. To achieve success in politics or medicine such signs are unlikely to succeed.

Among the famous personalities of the Scorpion Monkeys were James Cook, Michael Schepkin, Benvenuto Cellini and many others. All of them have left a trace in various spheres.

Monkey-Scorpio: a characteristic of a woman

This combination for girls is not verygood. They are prone to secrecy, distrust of everything and everyone. Such women are looking for a dirty trick in everything and on all sides waiting for a knife in the back. But they themselves like to gossip and embark on intrigues, which they usually come up with themselves.

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They have a cheerful character. Are characterized by excessive emotionality. Such people take everything very close to heart. This prevents them from making important decisions. They are unable to think about the situation, but are guided by emotions. This leads to losing trades in work and the failure of a love relationship.

Such women tend to have a well-developedintuition. This helps them to understand very well the feelings of other people and to find a common language with them. Due to their cheerful nature, they are able to cheer up others. Although they themselves at this moment can not experience the most pleasant emotions and hide them behind a smile. Hates loneliness and prefers to spend time with friends Monkey-Scorpio. A woman likes to have fun, to have fun. In the work is distinguished by a nimble, which is not always on hand.

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Endurance and purposefulness

Women born under the sign of Monkey-Scorpio,have a hardy character. Due to this, they perfectly adapt to any situation and easily come into contact with strangers. Are not afraid of physical exertion, in turn, this makes it possible to achieve good results in sports. Many professional sportswomen are on the horoscope of the Monkey-Scorpio.

Always there is activity, emotionality. They find it difficult to sit in one place. Such girls always want to share their emotions. Sometimes, it hinders them. Also very curious is the Monkey-Scorpio. The woman is still different and restless.

Girls who were born in the year of the Monkey, alwaysachieve their goals. It is given to them easily. Such characteristics of character as endurance and courage contribute to this. Moreover, they are very mysterious and mysterious. It's hard for people around them to find out, because it's very difficult to predict their actions. They are so decisively moving towards their goals that no one will be spared on their way. Moreover, they can help only where there is a personal benefit. At the same time, they will always be joyful and smiling. Do not let anyone see their sadness, tears, resentment. These girls are easy to distinguish from others.

Scorpio-Monkey: compatibility of men and women

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For couples in love with the same combinationshoroscope relationships will not be easy. And especially in this case. Men tend to devote more time to themselves, more selfishness is manifested. Because of this, a woman will suffer. Because often for her smile is hidden sadness, which the guy is unlikely to discern. Because he will be constantly busy with himself. This is poor compatibility and the chances of a successful relationship are very small.

Also, men are more calm, like to retire intosolitude, devoting time to art or nature. Women are the opposite - they like noisy companies, I want to go somewhere and do something. Together, such people will muffle their desires, and more often than not they will have to do it to the girl.

The general curiosity will lead to nothing good. A woman's excessive temper will distract a man. Do not forget about their vulnerability and rancor.

Monkey-Scorpio is a crazy combination. Together, such people are able to commit rash acts. But if they truly love each other, they are able to overcome all difficulties and stay together in spite of everything.