Sleeping shoes - what does the women's shoes dream about?

Long since dreaming people have triedunravel the future or see the past. Apparently, that's exactly why, thanks to the centuries-old observations, there appeared dream books, which at the moment not only have not lost their relevance, but also on the contrary, have become even more interesting. After all, the craving for everything mystical and unknown is inherent in almost every person. But now we will not describe all the meanings of dreams, but we will only stop on the dreamed shoes.

dream set of shoes
So, what does such a dream mean? First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact that shoes are a pair accessory. Therefore, a dream about this kind of shoes implies relationships and emotions. The slip of shoes can rarely indicate a particular acquaintance, a love affair or a date, but still one should not discount such an interpretation. Pay attention to the style of the dream shoes: the more elegant and feminine, the higher the probability that soon you will start to actively flirt with someone or even fall in love. Your emotions will be the stronger the higher the heel. If there is none, or the sole is flat, it means that there will be no passion in the relationship. Most likely, everything will remain at the platonic level.

the solution of dreams
If I dreamed of shoes of black color on a lowheel and a strict style, the relationship will be purely business or business. The same shoes, but on the "hairpin", indicate that the working relationship will be added and love. A white-colored shoe can predict either meeting new people, or a nascent love relationship, in which there will be a lot of romance. But the red color of the dream shoes explains in the following way: passionate and active flirting, passionate love, stormy romance, love adventure. If the shoes in the dream are painted in pink, purple or lilac, then in reality you need to be less trusting with any new acquaintances, and especially with men.

Those who saw in the dream fitting or buying a new onea pair of shoes, a dream book of shoes predicts a new fan or a new pleasant acquaintance. If the size of the shoes is suitable, it means that in new relations there will be complete harmony and mutual understanding. The wrong size signals the possible

meanings of dreams
problems. If the shoes are dirty or uncomfortable, most likely a new fan will either not like you right away, or you will be disappointed in it after a while. Ragged, shabby, old shoes indicate that your model of behavior towards men is morally obsolete. Also, the dream book of shoes mentions old ties that do not give you any pleasure, and the fragility of relations.

If the shoe is decorated with bows, laces and otherdecorative details, it means that in reality your new novel will be stormy, intriguing, but, at the same time, frivolous and even doubtful. If you somehow lose your shoes, then the solution of dreams is this: the relationship will soon come to an end. It may be prophetic dream that your shoes were stolen, but at the same time you have stockings or socks on your feet. This means that soon you will lose something, but, due to circumstances, very quickly make up for your losses.