Orthodox names for girls: centuries-old Russian traditions

For several centuries nowOrthodox names for girls are given in order for them to be protected by higher forces, help them cope with all the misfortunes that they will only meet on the way. In addition, they also play a huge role in shaping Russian culture and its subsequent development.

Old Russian traditions and their modern changes

According to Russian traditions, Orthodox names for girlswere given in accordance with the month of birth. There is a Christian church calendar, which indicates the days of the birth of all holy people, various significant dates and other interesting data. So, for example, the Orthodox names of the girls in August (Maria, Anna) will correspond to saints or ordinary women who did something this month or in their lives there were some events that left a mark on the fate of those around them. This tradition has survived to this day, but it still suffered some changes.

Orthodox names for girls

First, despite the fact that most of the names,which are commonly called calendar, came to Russian culture from Greek, Latin or Hebrew. However, the list is not limited to this. Recently, other non-canonical Slav names have been widely used. They, as a rule, are of German or Scandinavian origin. Usually these names were canonized by Russian churches, and they were worn by religious figures. But many of them remained outside the canon.

Secondly, most of the names today have beensome changes regarding sound. This is not due to ecclesiastical or human whims, but directly to changes within the language. For example, if earlier the child was called John, then in modern times he will be Ivan, or in the past, John today is just Anna.

Orthodox names of girls in August

The girl's name and the mysterious ritual of baptism

It should be separately said about the mysteriousChristian ritual. There is a belief that when Orthodox names are given to girls during baptism, they can not be told to anyone. They must be kept secret. It is believed that if someone outsiders find out what name the girl was baptized, then this could negatively affect her fate. It can be jinxed or damaged. That is why virtually all people in Russia who adhere to the Christian faith bear two names - the first is recorded on the birth certificate, the second one is given at baptism.

Names and social status

Culture and old traditions were in every country,Orthodox are no exception. The names of the girls were chosen in accordance not only with the wishes of the parents, but also oriented on the social status. That is, if the baby was born in an ordinary family of commoners, it could not be called as an aristocrat. Today, the approach to this issue is more democratic, and you can choose absolutely any name.

Russian Orthodox names of girls

Name as a talisman

Since ancient times, all parishioners of the church believed thatfor life they must have their own amulet or talisman. Only with their duties in Christianity did the Russian Orthodox names cope. The girls were called so that they found a good man for themselves, they could find the strength to support it, and at the same time always keep the house clean. The boys were chosen completely different - such that they will help them cope with all the misfortunes and ailments. Unfortunately, in modern times, few believe that the name can be protected in any way, but if these rules were maintained for centuries, then they have a certain meaning.