Why dream diarrhea, what sorrow does it foretell?

Everyone knows that feces in a dream - to money. Of course, the interpretation is not so unambiguous, but most often it is money that is associated with human excreta. By analogy, many argue, when they want to understand what dreams diarrhea. But this is fundamentally wrong. Armed with the wisdom of many generations and peoples, interpreters give other transcripts of an unpleasant plot. Let's figure out what the diarrhea is-its own, strange or incomprehensible whose.

What is diarrhea about?

Own bowel movements

To begin with, that "closer to the body." Own liquid feces - a sign of troubles of a special kind. As a rule, such a disgusting picture appears in the night vision of an uncertain, superstitious person. Diarrhea predicts gossip and gossip, which will be perceived too literally. Believe me, vain talkers discuss everything, not be their hero - it's even somehow uncomfortable, as if nobody cares. So why worry about their activity? It is temporary. Today, they clean the bones of one person, tomorrow - another. This is the way to reason when you figure out what the diarrhea is about. This is a forerunner of a wave of unpleasant, dirty conversations behind your back. Quite possibly, the dreamer himself provokes them with an eccentric act or saying. However, real losses, even reputational ones, will not bring gossip. You should not listen to them. To see that they have soiled clothes or bed with liquid feces, to the unveiling of unseemly intentions. "Your conscience is unclean," suggests the subconscious. You will have to pay for your sins. Just feel that you have diarrhea, and do not detect feces - lose money, miss the chance to earn extra money.

what does diarrhea in another person

What does diarrhea in another person

Let us turn to other subjects. If you saw how the diarrhea has twisted the friend, then you will worry for his reputation. Probably, this person gossip will decide to "vulgarize the whole world." It was you who had the hard part to restore justice. Hold on and do not give up, this is a noble business! To throw liquid feces in people - to show incontinence in assessing other people's actions, then it will be shameful. They threw you at you - you will suffer from slander. In general, to understand what dreams diarrhea is not difficult. He in the astral is a moral dirt that is ready to break into your life. The person present in a dream with diarrhea will be associated with the manifestation of the negative in the realities. It is possible to say with a high degree of probability that it will prove to be a source or an excuse for gossip, explanations, discussions and the like. However, be sure: this stream of dirt will not bypass you, it will necessarily draw you into an unfavorable situation.

what does diarrhea in a dream

The meaning of sleep for a girl

You know, gossip affects each persondifferently. The girl, who washes the bones of everyone who is not lazy, suffers much more than a guy. Her reputation is under threat, which affects her destiny. Therefore, young ladies should pay special attention to such disgusting visions, more carefully find out what dreaming diarrhea in a dream. So, if the fruits of diarrhea have appeared on a festive dress - a beloved will believe evil tongues and quit. It is especially bad when a fetal dress is stained with feces. Such a plot portends a great grief to a beautiful woman. A dear person, even if he is not yet present, will throw her before the wedding, breaking the heart, forcing him to suffer immensely, to cry, to succumb to despair. And the worst thing is that the young lady herself will be innocent. She will suffer in vain. Feel a diarrhea attack in a dream, hide, so that no one is surprised - have a secret, the disclosure of which threatens serious trouble. Most often this story portends an affair with a married gentleman.

Alternative Interpretation

Some sources believe that there is nothing diarrhea fromconventional feces are not different. Keep it in your hands - get a profit, flush in the toilet - spend money. Drown in liquid stool - enrich. However, the person himself must decide which interpretations to listen to, and which ones should be missed. After all, a dream is an encryption from your subconscious, therefore, it is necessary to solve it, based on experience. Good luck!