Assol: the meaning of the name, origin, nature and fate of the possessor

Assol - light, airy, fabulous,an unusual name - the same as the story written by A. Greene. Let us turn to the meaning of it for real carriers, and also touch upon the history of its origin.

Assol name - origin and meaning

As for the origin of the name, there are several versions. The public learned about it in connection with the release in 1922 of Alexander Green's novel "Scarlet Sails." The readers were not only attracted by an unusual love story, described in the work, but also interested in the name of the main character - the true dreamer.

Assol value of the name

According to the memory of the writer's wife, the word "Assol"is formed from the Spanish al sol, which means "to the sun." The second version of the origin is not so romantic. The idea to call so the heroine came to the head of Green quite by accident. Buying tomato juice in the store, the writer asked the seller: "And salt?" The sound of the phrase seemed to him suitable for the name of an unusual girl, therefore, slightly changing it, Green continued to write a story about Assol.

Name and baptism

Of course, the name Assol is very unusual. The meaning in baptism is not defined, because it is not Christian. However, this is not an excuse for refusing it - in fact at baptism one can choose another (church) name. Earlier, by the way, this practice was common. The person's church name was secret, he was not informed to a wide circle of people. To keep him in secret is to protect oneself from evil forces.

Assol: the meaning of the name, character and destiny

Assol is a rather contradictory nature. So, seeing the goal before them, clearly presenting the ways to achieve it, and also being able to lead others to achieve the best result, the owner of the name may halfway abandon the idea or allow others to rest on their laurels.

name Assol origin and meaning

What more can you say about Assol? The meaning of the name is a girl, a girl, a woman with an unusually strong character, willpower; she is good at being a leader. She is a workaholic, her credo: to do, not to say. Sometimes Assoli, full of the most ambitious plans, restrain themselves in rest, private life for the sake of business or career. Its goal is "to embrace the immensity," therefore Assol is always energetic, active, and strives to master everything that is available to man. Before her there is no problem of choice - she simply responds to all the proposals and challenges that fate gives her.

When making decisions, Assol listens only to herselfherself, the opinion of others around her is always in second place, because she is sure that her decision is the only true one. But it is assistance, authority of another person that helps a girl, a woman to stop in an endless desire to conquer the whole world.

Relations with the opposite sex are interestingbearer of the name: sometimes she just does not have enough time to show tenderness, caring. But it is these feelings that soften the solid character of Assol (the meaning of the name proves it), fill her life with harmony.

Active "energy-analyzers" and choose their partnerdepending on its conformity to its life principles - the same active, ambitious, purposeful, strong in spirit. External appeal, interests, feelings for Assol in the background. In marriage, she values ​​the spouse's support for her goals, the division of principles.

name Assol meaning in baptism

Often, Assolis are the trendsetters of fashion. They carefully follow the appearance, always take care of their body, easily change their style at the behest of their own mood. It always allows them to make an impression on others, not to follow fashion, but to install it. Constant changes of images - clothes, hairstyles, make-up - allow Assol not to succumb to the inevitable flow of time, to remain fresh and young.

Name and Astrology

Compatible names: Roman, Arseniy, Alexander, Artem, Igor, Anton, Yuri, Victor, Daniel, Egor, Konstantin, Mikhail.

Suitable shades: black, red, electric, moire, neon.

Patronizing planets: Saturn, Mars.

Metal talisman: tin, iron.

Stone-talisman: coral, smoky quartz, cinnabar, black lignite, opal, mica, selenite, calcite, ivory, marcasite, serpentine.

Plant-mascot: alocasia, wild strawberry.

Happy day of the week: Tuesday.

Happy dates, numbers: 8, 9, 17.

A suitable sign of the zodiac of the future owner: Scorpio, Capricorn.

What character does Assol have? The meaning of the name implies such features as sensitivity, rich imagination, emotionality, willpower, idealism.

 Assol value of the name character and destiny

Assol - literally a fairy name, historyits origin begins with a beautiful romantic book. We hope that the owners of this name are as happy and loved as the heroine of Alexander Green.