Solitaire Madame Recamie: find out what awaits us in the future

People have always wondered what awaits them in thefuture. Divination on maps was one of the ways to achieve this goal. Solitaire games by Madame Recamie will reveal the coming events and learn a lot about yourself. This is one of the oldest ways of guessing and predicting fate.

Solitaire Madame Recamie
However, before you take the cards in your hands, is not superfluouswill find out who the Rekamier is, and what trace in history she left behind. She was a famous French beauty, she had a weakness for playing solitaire games. And this has achieved perfection in this business, that this kind of fortune telling was named in her honor, although in some sources such a way of predictions is called ... Russian. What are solitaires to Madame Recamie?

First, let's remember what is solitaireat all. It's fun, in which one person takes part. Its purpose is to decompose cards in a certain sequence, following specific rules. And it's not so important, the truth will be predicted by pictures or not. This game will allow you to relax, calm your nerves and cheer up the whole day. It is also a good way to pass the time. It should be noted that there are many solitaire games, and each has its own peculiarities, one can say - a highlight.

Take the same solitaire game of Madame Recamie. For this lesson, an ordinary playing deck does not fit, you need special cards with pictures; all in a set of twenty-five pieces. What are they? Each card is divided into four parts, which depicts a particular pattern or pattern. Repeat these symbols should not.

Indian Solitaire Madame Recamie
Any of these cards has a certain value, andall of them must be remembered in order to correctly interpret this or that combination. Having spread the cards for fortune telling, if the picture or the pattern is the same, we can learn both the future and the present. All that is required of you is to mentally formulate the question or make a wish, and then spread out the deck: 5 rows of 5 cards. If from the disjointed symbols it was possible to compose the whole picture, consider that the solitaire has come together. Now carefully consider the image, and then try to interpret it in accordance with the question posed.

Many people are interested in how it standsan ancient solitaire of Madame Recamie. Here everything is simple. If you have a ready-made kit, an instruction must be attached to it. If the cards are self-made (which is quite acceptable), then you yourself can specify a certain value for the corresponding picture. And before the beginning of the session, you need to abandon all the pressing problems and thoughts that are not relevant to the issue exciting you, and concentrate only on it (or on desire). Thus, the solitaire game of Madame Recamie, as well as any other guessing, allows us to get answers from our own subconscious.

an ancient solitaire of Madame Recamie
The images that are put together bring information that can change our life: maps warn against failures, help to avoid mistakes and even save lives.

By the way, guessing this is also known as Indiansolitaire of Madame Recamie. The point is the same: ask a question or make a wish. Maps can predict fate or tell about events coming in the next two months. Believe it or not, it's up to you, but in any case, remember that this kind of event is not just a way to kill time. The unfolding of solitaire contributes to the development of extrasensory abilities (or at least intuition), since it involves the magical subconscious of man, albeit at an unconscious level ...