Astrological advice: how to win a Gemini woman?

The question of how to winwoman-Gemini, worried many men who believe in zodiacal compatibility. And it is not surprising, because this is a person with a very interesting character. And such a kind of approach is needed.

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Personal features

Before you talk about how to winwoman-Gemini, it is worth briefly discussing her character. This is a girl who does not like boring life. She is intelligent, educated, enterprising, and she likes to constantly try something new. It is unusual for her to sit in one place. And who exactly she does not become, so it's a housewife.

She is a representative of the dual signzodiac, because it is characterized by unpredictability and ambiguity. To foresee the reaction of this woman to anything is very difficult. But she certainly will not give boredom to her friends and friends.

This woman sometimes seems to be a combination of twoabsolutely opposite personalities. On the one hand, she is cheerful, kind, relaxed, living for today. But on the other hand it is adamant, demanding, rational, judicious. And the way it will be at one time or another depends on the situation.

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Tranquility and originality - a pledge of relations with the girl-Gemini

So, above it was said that these people are veryare impermanent in terms of their character and reaction to everything surrounding them. Because with such a girl can only get along with a calm, balanced person, who will manage to cope with each side of her personality. He must learn - you never know what to expect of her.

Still, telling about how to winwoman-Gemini, we must remind you - they are very original. Because their partner must be ready for sudden jokes and creative suggestions. And you need to be the same to win her attention. You can be sure: if you offer her spontaneously, without any warnings, to travel an hour later to the countryside, to the lake, and sit around the fire all night and then spend the night in a tent - she will not just agree. This girl also offers to take a guitar and meat for a shish kebab! Plus, it will awake a genuine interest in this guy. How do you know what else he can offer?

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What kind of person should you be?

An interesting question, and he touches on the question of how to win a Gemini woman. It will attract that person, who will be able to attract her both physically and spiritually.

It will not be superfluous to intrigue her, eithersay, for the future. In an intimate sense. For these girls, sex means a lot. In bed for them, there are no barriers, and a partner needs the same - uninhibited and risky, not afraid of experiments. This is a powerful person, but in this respect she needs a man who will prove more assertive than she. But not too much. He should be a leader and a dominant - however, not a fugitive.

All this will need to be hinted. The best way is ambiguous, but neat expressions, play of words. The girl will appreciate this originality.

Are the same people attracted?

Quite an interesting question. How does a Gemini man conquer a Gemini woman? Is this real? In fact yes. From these people, beautiful couples turn out. From the outside they are more like two friends than the couple. In this pair there is no place for jealousy, prejudice, infringement of interests. They usually have a common hobby that unites them and strengthens the union. Besides, no one bores one another. If one Gemin comes to a period of routine, then it must be "pulled out" by another. In addition, this pair is full of mutual understanding.

To the man-twins conquered the girl of his ownsign, it is enough for him to be himself. Surprise her with something, each time be new and original, and still keep in mind a lot of all entertaining stories. Such a girl is easy to tempt with something interesting and previously unexplored.

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Other Compatibility

It is also worthwhile to talk about how to wina man-Leo to a Gemini woman. Why this sign? Because individuals who are representatives of these zodiacs, usually get along very well. They like each other - both energetic, sexy and showy. To the twin girl attracted the attention of Leo, she needs to convince him that he is special. To fall asleep with compliments, for example. This will fascinate him. True, sooner or later they will have to look for a compromise. Because Leo is used to being a leader always and everywhere. A girl, Gemini does not agree with this and often takes over this role. What he does not like. But, if they both learn to yield, then the relationship will be promising.

And how to win a Taurus man a Gemini woman? After all, this union is also good. Perhaps Taurus is one of the few who can easily take over the role of leader in these relations. He is intellectually savvy, educated, intelligent. To such a person, the Gemini girl will agree to give in. And it's easy to conquer. It is enough to demonstrate your erudition, ingenuity and dexterity. These qualities are not enough for Taurus himself, so that he immediately understands - this girl can learn something. And they really help each other.

In general, Gemini girls are good partners, but they are not suitable for everyone. For example, calm Pisces and rational Virgo will not get along with them. At the root of different temperaments.