Dream Interpretation: What is the dream of a rainbow in the sky?

In their dreams, people often see the phenomena of nature. What does the rainbow dream about, what does it symbolize? For many, this atmospheric phenomenon is associated with a holiday, joy and happiness. The dreams in which it appears, in most cases, predict changes for the better.

What does a rainbow look like?

Favorable changes - such a forecastguidebooks on the world of dreams make someone who simply sees this phenomenon of nature. What is the dream of a rainbow? Sleeping can not doubt that in the coming days, success will accompany all his undertakings. Now is the right time to realize the most ambitious plans.

a rainbow after a rain in a dream

Also, a rainbow can bring adventure withfavorable outcome. A person will have a lot of pleasant memories. An atmospheric phenomenon can predict the acquisition of prestige in society. The surrounding will be imbued with respect for the dreamer, they will turn to him for advice and follow them.

Men and women

The answer to the question of what the rainbow is dreaming about,directly depends on the sex of the sleeper. For girls and women, such a story is predicted by a novel that will cause a storm of emotions. The dreamer will start seeing a man who meets all her expectations. It is difficult to say what the outcome of this relationship will be - parting or marriage. In any case, the novel will leave pleasant memories.

a man has a rainbow

Representatives of the stronger sex can alsoto dream of a rainbow. For men this story promises an improvement in the financial situation. The dreamer can move up the career ladder, get an increase in salary, open his own business. Also, he may have alternative sources of income.

In the sky

What is the dream of a rainbow in the sky for men and women? Such a plot can promise the sleeper a favorable change in intimate life. The dreamer has to make many exciting and enjoyable discoveries in the world of sex, he will actively experiment.

had a rainbow

Increasing self-esteem is another possible optiondevelopments. A person will gain confidence in himself, stop doubting his strength and worrying over trifles. If a dream is seen by a single woman, then the private life of the sleeper will soon settle. It can not be ruled out that the potential betrothed is nearby, just a dreamer does not notice him yet. The dream book makes similar predictions to the representatives of the stronger sex.


What other options are possible? What is the dream of a double rainbow? Such a plot promises favorable changes in life. Whatever goals a dreamer puts, he will certainly be able to achieve them. Double rainbow dreams of someone who is on the right track and should not turn off the road chosen.

had a color rainbow

Also, such dreams can predict a successfuladjustment of conflict situations. This can be both a quarrel in the work team, and a misunderstanding that arose between family members. If the dreamer has enemies or ill-wishers, he will certainly conclude a truce with them in the near future.

What a double rainbow promises to womenthe fair sex? A woman who has seen such a dream, in real life, will meet an influential and wealthy man. A new acquaintance will help the sleeper to settle down in life, advance in his career and improve his financial situation. A woman should do everything possible to start a romantic relationship with this person. There is a high probability that he is her second half.

Has fallen

What is the dream of a rainbow that falls? Such a story promises stunning news. A man will receive news that he has long expected. News will be pleasant.

Also, the fall of the rainbow can prophesy the amazing discoveries that the dreamer will soon have to make.

Has dissolved, disappeared

What is the dream of a rainbow? A dream interpreter recommends the sleeper to pay attention to his close people, if this atmospheric phenomenon disappears before his eyes. Relations with friends and relatives deteriorate due to the fact that a person spends a little time with them. Joy and happiness from communication "dissolve," fortunately, the situation is not too late to fix.

rainbow over head in a dream

Also, a person can dream of disappearingrainbow. Unfortunately, such a dream promises parting with the second half. The partner will leave, as he is offended by a disdainful attitude towards him. If the rainbow disappears gradually, it predicts the dreamer the beginning of a new relationship. He will have feelings for someone he considered a friend. Sympathy, most likely, will be mutual.

A lot of

Why do you dream a lot of rainbows in the sky? This indicates that the person has committed many good deeds. It should not be doubted that all good will return to the dreamer. Also, a triple rainbow in his dreams can see the one whose cherished dream will soon come true.

a lot of the rainbow in the sky

On such a dream in no case can not be toldsurrounding. The restlessness of the sleeper can lead to the fact that the desire will not come true. It is better to wait until the dream turns into reality, and then share your joy with close people.

Why do many rainbows dream? Such a plot can predict a person's journey. A dreamer can go on a business trip or have a rest in another country.

At night

What is the color of the rainbow colored in the night sky? Such dreams warn that a person should not neglect the advice that friends and relatives give him. If this natural phenomenon is dreamed of in the sky, studded with stars, the sleeper will extend a helping hand in a difficult situation. It is necessary to take advantage of the support of close people in order to cope with their problems.

a woman has a rainbow

What warn about dreams, in which the rainbowappears in the dark sky? This shows that it is time for a person to understand whether his expectations correspond to real opportunities. Also, the plot can warn the sleeper about the fact that he has dangerous enemies. These people are being made friends, successfully plotting behind his back.

Another rainbow in the dark sky can promise a dreamertrouble in his personal life. In the coming days, it is worthwhile to avoid quarrels with the second half. There is a high probability of losing a loved one, so you should be very careful. We must not forget that a rainbow in a dark sky can predict health problems. If there are any alarming symptoms, you should not seek medical advice.

Rain, lightning

What does the color rainbow that appearsin the rain? Such a plot predicts changes in personal life. It can not be ruled out that light flirting will grow into something more serious. Rainbow and lightning promise dreamer self-realization. Much depends on how much effort is willing to put a person on the way to the goal.

Rainbow appears in the sky after the rain? Such a dream is considered a good sign. It symbolizes the end of the black band. In the near future, the dreamer will be accompanied by luck in all his endeavors. If a person has a cherished dream, then it's time to bring it to life.

Color and Round

What other subjects are considered? Why does the rainbow color and round the dream of a pregnant woman? Night dreams warn that childbirth will be easy, a child with unique abilities will be born.

To the sick person the color rainbow predicts fastrecovery, he will certainly be able to defeat his illness. People who have not yet had time to create a family, this dream predicts changes in their personal lives. Married women, unfortunately, see such dreams before parting with the second half.

In which place

How else to understand what this is about? A rainbow in a dream can appear in different places. People see this atmospheric phenomenon not only in the sky, but, for example, in their own apartment or house. In this case, its appearance in nighttime dreams promises family happiness, financial well-being.

What does the rainbow over the field mean? A secure life awaits the dreamer. If the person to whom it has dreamed is married, do not doubt that his union will be successful. To see a rainbow over a water body is to conclude a profitable contract that will bring a big profit. Also, sleep can predict the purchase of valuable things in the house.

Rainbow over the forest dreams happiness, luck. The most daring hopes of the sleeper will come true. The rainbow, stretching over the meadow, predicts success in various spheres. To see this atmospheric phenomenon directly overhead is to successfully find a way out of a difficult situation.

Touch, approach

What does a rainbow look like if a person touchesbefore her? All guides to the world of dreams are unanimous in that this is a good sign. A person can count on the fulfillment of his cherished dream in the near future. All his endeavors for a long time will be accompanied by luck.

A pregnant woman can also dream a dream in which she touches the rainbow. In this case, the atmospheric phenomenon predicts the birth of a baby with amazing abilities.

If a person touches the rainbow, and shedissolves before his eyes, then in real life he is waiting for a love relationship with a friend. If a person goes to meet this natural phenomenon, one can safely say that his efforts will be crowned with success. The dreamer has to make a dizzying career, get rich.

To sit on it, photograph it

Rainbow in many people causes involuntaryassociation with something mysterious, magical. Is it any wonder that the dreams in which this natural phenomenon appears are often different in a fairy tale. For example, a person can dream that he is sitting on a rainbow. In real life the dreamer is waiting for the fulfillment of desires. In the coming days, a dream will come true, the fulfillment of which the sleeper has long lost hope. It remains to wait quite a bit.

What does a rainbow look like if a person takes picturesis this a natural phenomenon in your dreams? Such a plot indicates that the sleeper does not have like-minded people. A person dreams of making friends and acquaintances who will understand him and take him seriously. Unfortunately, he can not cope with this task yet.

Wangi's Dream

What a prediction does the famous seerWang? She associates a rainbow with a divine sign. Its appearance in the sky after the rain in night dreams promises a dreamer something amazing and beautiful in reality.

Poor Vanga considers visions in whichthere appears an extinguished, fading rainbow. Such a plot indicates that a person has to part with someone who is dear to him for a long time. For example, we can talk about parting with the second half.

Esoteric dream book

This guide to the world of dreams claims thatthe appearance of a rainbow in dreams testifies to the willingness of the sleeper to adventure. In the near future a person can go on a trip, which will give him a lot of vivid impressions. In the process of traveling, something can happen that will affect the future life of the dreamer. For example, he can meet on the trip his second half.

Sleep can also signal thatthe person is mired in routine. The dreamer dreams of new impressions, and he must necessarily provide himself with them. Otherwise, the dreamer risks plunging into the abyss of depression, getting out of it will not be easy for him.