Male Fish-Pig - what is his nature?

Fish-Pig - this is a man in which everyoneThe qualities taken from both signs have doubled strength. Why? Because the Boar and Pisces are very similar. You can even say that they are the same in their characteristics. To see this, it is worth considering this topic in more detail.

fish pig


To begin with, it is worth to say a few words about the zodiacal impact on the character of such a man. Pig Fish is a very sincere, unselfish, emotional person, passionate in his own way.

They have a very subtle soul organization. They are easy to hurt. And the Pisces themselves forget the pain caused to them. They are also rather shy and modest, but full of energy. They can achieve a lot, but more often they simply drown in their personal world and dreams. Therefore, a man like the Fish-Pig needs a woman who could inspire him to take action.

By the way, in a relationship it's just an ideal man: loving, passionate, giving himself away to his second half. He is always ready to understand the character of another person, his features and strangeness, he will never, and never, condemn. He can be trusted with secrets, complain, and hear good advice in return. The Man-Fish is so sensitive to the affairs of his loved ones that, at times, he begins to experience more than they themselves. For such emotionality, sincerity and honesty they are very fond of girls.


Now - in more detail and about the eastern patrona man like Fish-Pig. A man whose characterization is quite interesting can be considered in this case doubly special. Why? It's simple. The fish complete the zodiacal circle. A Boar - a 12-year Eastern cycle. And such a man takes in a maximum of qualities from each patron.

The boar is the most honest and honest sign fromthe whole horoscope. Such a man always struggles with injustice and dishonesty. He's kind and rather quick-witted. He forgives people for their mistakes quite quickly. And all because he believes in the best. And even idealizes people.

And, of course, the Boar is a very sensual person. Accordingly, Fish-Pig is a person, in which this quality is doubled. After all, the sign of the zodiac is the same.

Girls, this person attracts, like a magnet. Which is not surprising. He is courteous and gallant. And he is able to create strong and good relations. After all, winning a partner with tenderness for him is an easy task.

fish pig male characteristic

general characteristics

As one could understand, Fish-Pig is a man in which all qualities are doubled. Because these signs of the zodiac and the eastern horoscope are almost identical.

This person personifies responsiveness,kindness and peace. He can easily get in touch with almost anyone. He delicately feels the mood of the interlocutor and "softens" the acute angles in communication.

In women, he often causes a desire to take care ofhe. In principle, he does not mind, as he answers with boundless love (the one, the only one) and mutual attention. These people are not adherents of short-term intrigues. Such men are attuned to a serious, lasting relationship. And, by the way, they fasten to their partner, hardly experiencing any separation.

By the way, a girl who wants to become a soul matefor such a man, you should know something. They are very vulnerable, because even if you do not like something, it is better to avoid caustic and pungent remarks. And sarcastic banter - too.

fish pig male characteristic compatibility


Finally - a few words about what it sayshoroscope about relationships that can be successful for a person like Fish-Pig (man). Characteristics, compatibility - it's all quite interesting. And, if we believe the generally accepted opinion of astrologers, then a girl born in the year of the Bull will be a good pair for such a person. She is an excellent organizer. It will be only in the joy of the process of establishing order in the life of the partner-boar. And together they will be a great pair. The boar will receive a good support in the form of a partner, and she, in turn, will become more emotional and sensitive. By the way, they usually have love at first sight.

It will be even better if the sign of the zodiac girlwill be Cancer. For Pisces, this is an excellent partner. Mutual understanding reigns in their union. And they have excellent compatibility in bed. Speaking in general, this is a union of dreamers and dreamers, endowed with an amazing inner world. Such pairs do not decay.