The Church of St. Nicholas in Kuznetsi: the New Life of the Old Temple

Kuznetsk Sloboda was in Zamoskvorechye withXVII century. It is estimated that about three hundred blacksmiths settled in it, who previously lived behind the Yauza. Their parish church was the church of St. Nicholas in Kuznets, which they themselves built on the means collected by the whole world. Originally in 1625 it was wooden. But when the settlement grew and 185 households became in it, in 1681 the construction of a stone brick church began with the blessing of Patriarch Joachim. The renovated church of St. Nicholas in Kuznets was built in two years. It was a church with one refectory and one southern aisle. To it adjoined a rectangular bell tower. It is assumed that it was five-domed and decorated on the outside with tiers of kokoshniks. The central drum was with windows, the others - deaf.

How many churches did the blacksmiths have?

Perhaps they were also parishioners of the church onthe left bank of the Moskva River. But when the smiths moved to Zamoskvorechye, then at the intersection of Kuznechnaya Street and Vishnyakovskiy Lane a new church of St. Nicholas in Kuznetsy grew up. In those days the blacksmiths were wealthy people, but the situation in the social hierarchy was low. Necessarily they paid taxes, unlike the privileged classes, who did not pay "sovereign" duties (boyars, noblemen, some merchants and clergy). Blacksmiths were not forbidden to trade, and some of them kept benches.


By the beginning of the XIX century, the church had become dilapidated, because it had already passed 160 years since its construction. A new stone church is being built at the expense of the parishioners.

nikola temple in blacksmiths
It is assumed that its architect was MF himself. Cossacks or pupils of his school. The style in which the church of St. Nicholas in Kuznetsi is built is an empire. In 1847, was built a refectory, consisting of two chapels, and a three-tier bell tower.

The Church of St. Nicholas in Kuznetsk Sloboda

In 1895 the iconostasis was renewed. The Church of St. Nicholas in Kuznets has three chapels. Main, southern and northern.

church of St Nicholas in blacksmiths
What is remarkable is that after the revolution he remained active. In the church of St. Nicholas in Kuznets, sacred objects and icons were brought from churches demolished after the revolution.

The main shrine

In the church there are several revered shrines. The main one is the miraculous icon "Quench My Sorrows." Touching and tender prayers with requests for getting rid of bodily ailments and spiritual misfortunes (sinful passions, afflicting the person) gave the name to this marvelous icon.

nikola temple in blacksmiths
The Mother of God intercedes for the Christian beforeLord, and he receives the desired support. Many wonderful events were committed by her. One of the cases is worth describing. An absolutely sick, dying woman saw her image in a dream. She asked me to take me to the temple. But among the icons this was not found. Then the priest opened all the storerooms, and among the dusty icons the dying saw the desired image. She even managed to raise her hand and put a cross on herself. After the moleben, delicately kissing the icon, the woman got to her feet and went. On the day of healing on January 25, there is always a very special holiday in honor of the miraculous icon. Previously, she was in the church of St. Nicholas in the Gardeners. But in the 30s, she found a permanent place here, in Kuznetsi, in the northern side-chapel. They go to her for consolation, which people can not give.

Youth work

Sunday school works at the church. First, preparatory work is carried out with the infidels. The lesson takes one hour. When children are older than 6-8 and 9-12 years old, then they learn an hour and a half. These free lessons are built on the principles of the game. In the day, apart from the Law of God, choral singing, the study of Church Slavonic language and lessons of creativity are added. And in the refectory, children can eat.

St. Nicholas Church in the Kuznetsk Sloboda
In the summer since 1991, children can be sent to the camp "Theologian". They are united not only by games and entertainment, but also by joint prayer, the opportunity to participate in the Liturgy.

In addition, the temple leads social andenlightening work, helping families with many children and lonely elderly people. The enlightenment is that there is a school for adults, missionary trips, there is an Orthodox Humanities University. For adults who wish to be baptized, since 1990, a baptistery has been built.

Nikola's Church in Kuznets: schedule of services

To become more acquainted with active lifetemple, you can start visiting his services. Every day at 8 o'clock in the morning the Mass begins, on holidays and Sundays it occurs twice: at 7 and 9:30. At 17 o'clock there is evening service. On Thursdays, the Akathist Icon of the Mother of God and the consecration of water.

The ancient temple lives and develops in accordance with the dictates of the times. This is very good for people who in difficult times can find support in it.