Dream Interpretation: What a mosquito dreams about

Many will agree that ifsome pleasant phenomena, images and creatures, after awakening the mood rises. And what to expect, if all night you dreamed of such an annoying insect, like a mosquito? We propose to apply immediately to several interpreters of dreams to find out what this little buzzing blood-sucker can dream about.

what is the mosquito dreaming about

Why the mosquito dreams: dream book of Gustavus Miller

Seen in dreams of mosquitoes this dream treatsas a sign that you are in vain trying to maintain steadfastness under the pressure of dangerous and cunning enemies. You need to soberly assess the situation and start acting in accordance with it, otherwise you risk greatly to suffer from the onslaught of ill-wishers. If you dream that you killed mosquitoes, then you will be able to overcome all barriers and adversity, and as a result you will enjoy money prosperity and family happiness.


Why the mosquito dreams: dream book from A to Z

If you are molested by mosquitoes, it isa sign that you need to beware of treacherous people who may be among your closest friends. If you hear itchy under the ear of a mosquito, then soon you will have a conversation or a meeting that will be very long and tedious, and in the end will not lead to any apparent result. If you are trying to catch a mosquito flying near you, then in real life you will lose some small trifle. If you dream that you killed a mosquito, then you will successfully overcome all difficulties and reach your goal. Bitten and drenched by your blood a mosquito is a harbinger of that you will suffer as a result of gossip and intrigues of envious persons and ill-wishers.

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Why the mosquito dreams: tips received in a dream

According to this source, a mosquitois the embodiment of the future small losses and troubles, the culprits of which will be your envious persons. If you are trying to kill a mosquito, then you will be greatly exasperated and agitated by even minor incidents. So try not to waste energy on trifles and be a bit more tolerant.

Why does a mosquito dream? Aesop's dream book

This dream book represents a dreamed mosquitoas an embodiment of such negative qualities of man as envy, tediousness, importunity, dependency and stubbornness. If you dream that a mosquito bites you, then in reality you can greatly suffer from the actions of envious persons and ill-wishers. Also, such a dream can mean that your financial well-being will be undermined by the stupidity and irresponsibility of one of your close relatives. If in a dream you observe a mosquito's flight, then perhaps in your life there is a boring and unpleasant person who has a bad influence on you. Try to limit communication with him as much as possible. If you dreamed of a mosquito buzzing near your ear, then in reality you may encounter a situation when a close friend begins to dissolve rumors and gossip about you. To kill a mosquito in a dream is to get rid of some problems and difficulties.

The mosquito is what dreams: andslum dream book

The appearance of this unpleasant insect in a dreamis the image of some weak and low man. Take a closer look at your environment, perhaps among the people close to you hides the envious and ill-wishers, which can cause you many problems in the future.