Leap Year - signs and superstitions

A leap year for many people seems like somethingterrible and unusual, so it is constantly surrounded by various superstitions. If we consider a leap year, its signs turn out to be very strange and naive.

To begin with it is necessary to recollect the most joyfulan event in the life of many people is a wedding. For some reason, getting married or getting married is a very bad omen in a leap year. It is believed that it is better to postpone the celebration for a year than to regret your whole life. Those who disobey, promise that there will be constant scandals in the family, so a divorce can soon take place. In fact, you do not need to look at signs and superstitions, a leap year or not, but on relations between people. When people do not know how to communicate normally, neither the happiest date, nor compliance with all the signs will save them. Just need to learn to listen to each other, to show indulgence towards the weaknesses of close people. Then nothing will be scary, and various superstitions will simply cause a sweet smile. True, it is easier for a person to write off all troubles to higher forces, who were not in the spirit, than to do introspection.

Also in a leap year, the omens of whichare different, do not start any business. It is believed that the case, begun in this difficult period, will quickly end in failure. If you decide to start your own business, it is worthwhile to weigh everything and calculate it several times. Simply the probability of serious financial problems that will become a trigger mechanism is great. They will provoke nervous overstrain and family troubles, but a leap year is not at all to blame for this. Risks should always be calculated with the utmost care, as well as mandatory to postpone some funds in case of difficulties. With this approach, any year will be successful and profitable, and all superstitions will be left behind.

A similar situation occurs when attempts are made tochange work. A person is afraid that a leap year, whose signs and superstitions are pretty tenacious, will interfere with his plans. He rushes, does not know what to do - and makes an ill-considered decision. As a result, all plans are ruined, and troubles are safely written off as a treacherous leap year. True, with close study it turns out that in all problems a person is to blame himself. He heatedly agreed to deliberately adventurous work.

Some people are afraid that luck will turn away fromthem, so they refuse to offer a profitable offer. Then life collapses, but it's not the harmful year that is to blame, but your own indecision. In order not to regret your own refusal or consent, you need to carefully study the positive and negative aspects of the proposed work. Only after this, you can make a final decision, and not immediately rush into the employer's arms with cheers.

If you continue to study a leap year, signsrecommend refraining from major acquisitions and investments. A house bought at this time can burn, and people living in such apartments will often get sick. Only statistics that would confirm or refute this view, does not exist. The investments made in a leap year are no different from the others. It is enough not to succumb to provocations - and not to deposit your savings in dubious institutions. Just recently, many fraudsters have come out of the shadows, which promise a huge profit. People trustingly invest all their savings, and scammers collect the right amount - and go abroad. As a result, all lethal sins are accused of a poor leap year, and not their own frivolity.

A leap year is a difficult period, but no more thanTogo. Do not panic - and for every angle to see the danger. It is enough to show a little common sense, mindfulness - and nothing wrong with you this year will not happen.