Dream interpretation: what does the ant dream about?

As is known, the ant is a symbolhard work. And what if this tiny toiler dreamed of us? Is such a dream related to the fact that we have work that will require a lot of effort, or does it foretell something different? To answer the question about what the ant dreams about, the most complete and well-known dream books will help us.

what does the ant dream about

Sonny of Gustav Miller: ants in a dream

According to the interpretation of this source, the dreamed ants promise the dreamer many minor troubles that will make him in a state of constant irritation and discontent.

Dream Husset: What does the ant dream about?

This dream book states that the dreamed antspredict a very laborious business, which will bring you a good profit. If you dream that you are trampling these insects, then your happiness and well-being are under threat. Bad dream is also a dream, in which you are painfully bitten by an ant.

dream interpretation of ants

Dream interpretation for lovers: what does the dreamed ants mean?

In love, such a dream promises numeroussmall quarrels and quarrels, not having a serious basis. If you and your partner manage to pull themselves together and stop carping each other over trifles, then very soon your relationship will become harmonious and happy.

Old English dream book: why do ants dream?

This source claims that a dream in whichants appear, presages a dreamer to move quickly to a large city or to find a large family, in which the representatives of the male will predominate. If you are a hardworking and diligent people, a dream like that can mean that you will be able to accumulate a decent state. However, if you are unaccustomed to diligence and diligence, then financial well-being is unlikely.

what does black ants dream about?

Gypsy dream book: why does an ant dream?

Insects crawling on clothes or crawling inyour home, promise minor, but numerous troubles. If you dream of a lot of ants, then you will find countless small cases and worries.

Dream Interpreter XXI centuries: ants in a dream

Answering the question about what the ant dreams about,this dream book states that such a dream promises a dreamer promising to meet very hardworking and responsible people. If you dreamed that you caught this insect, then in the near future you can find financial well-being. Press ants in a dream - to destroy their own happiness with their own hands. An anonymous sign is ants creeping into their ears and nose. Such a dream promises serious health problems that can threaten even the life of a dreamer.

Dream from A to Z: ants in a dream

A dream in which you see what's in your homea lot of ants are bred, promises you great success after a series of serious setbacks. If you dream that you are destroying these insects, then prepare for financial difficulties. Why do black ants dream? Such a dream promises a dreamer of health problems or a very heavy hangover. Dreaming dead ants foretell you a laborious affair, which, however, will not bring any profit.