Icon of Fevronia and Peter: legends and modern realities

The icon of Fevronia and Peter appeared because,that many centuries ago in the territory of Russia there was, as expected, a mysterious story. To the wife of one of the Russian princes began to fly a snake, which was associated with evil forces. She told this to her husband (Murom prince Paul), and he, along with his brother Peter, began to hunt for an uninvited guest. They succeeded in this matter, the monster was killed by Peter with the help of the legendary sword forged by the son of King Herod Agric. Chronicles note that the sword glowed with a blue light and easily chopped any armor, which indicates the possible supernatural or high-tech nature of this weapon.

icon of february and peter

The icon of Fevronia and Peter is the bearer of facestwo saints who stand side by side (sometimes depicted against the background of the city). But before they became like the holy rank, these people have come a long way. Peter during the battle with the serpent was sprinkled with the blood of the enemy, from which he received ulcers on the skin that did not yield to treatment. But salvation was found in the village of Laskovo, where a bortnik (a collector of honey of wild bees) lived and his daughter Fevronia, who was noted for her knowledge of herbs. She made an ointment for the prince in exchange for the fact that he would take her as his wife.

They did not part

The icon of Fevronia and Peter captures the conjugalpair, because the prince really married a peasant girl. After the death of his elder brother, Peter became ruler of Murom together with Fevronia, which the boyars did not like, since they did not want to put up with the society of commoners. In order not to leave, the couple left Murom, after which bloody strife broke out in the city, and the townspeople asked the exiled rulers to return, to which they agreed.

icon of Peter and february of Murom

Icon of Peter and Fevronia of Murom, as well as their relicsare in Murom, in the Trinity Monastery. In addition, you can worship the saints in the capital. Particles of the relics are in Moscow in the temples under the GU MVD and on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street. Shortly before his death, the couple took a monastic order (Peter, under the name of David, Fevronia became Efrosinya). The spouses died on the same day (according to legend, according to their own decision), and when they were buried in different coffins, several times incomprehensibly united after death. They are buried inseparably, and the history of their life has not yet found any confirmation or refutation.

Who helps the icon

icon of St. Peter and Febronia

Icon of St. Peter and Fevronia will help to harmonize family life, relieve disagreements, save peace and prosperity in the house. Before her pray for a successful marriage, the strength of the family hearth, as well as the strengthening of the strength of the state, the gift of children. Fevronia and Petra celebrate the Feast of Peter the Great on July 8. This holiday, unlike the western day of lovers, is dedicated precisely to the relationship in the family.

Ancient and modern holiday

The icon of Fevronia and Peter became especially revered inconnection with the fact that since 2008, on the day of these saints, the All-Russian holiday of love, family and loyalty is celebrated, initiated by the wife of the President of the country at that time Svetlana Medvedeva. According to the people's calendars, the first mowing was done on this day, and they also believed that it is safe to bathe in water bodies. Mermaids go from shore to the depths of lakes and rivers and there fall into a dream.