If a guy dreams from Monday to Tuesday: the interpretation of a dream

It is believed that the interpretation of dreams in many waysdepends on the days in which they come. For example, if a guy dreams, by the days of the week there will be different interpretations for each of the dreams, that is, his own for each of the days. Let's say, dreams on the night from Monday to Tuesday refer to the last day. Therefore, they need to be interpreted with reference to it.

If a guy dreams from Monday to Tuesday
Interpretation for Women

If a guy dreams from Monday to Tuesday,and favorite, then the girl in the near future expects to meet with him. However, if a young man comes in a dream a young man, and she already has a lover, this dream portends a long and happy relationship. When you see a handsome and handsome man, in reality the girl is waiting for a lot of joy, as well as new opportunities. In these dreams, the main thing is to try to remember the young man as well as possible, and also your emotions when you see him. Every little thing is important for correct interpretation.

If a guy dreams from Monday to Tuesdayan unmarried woman, then in the real life it will soon be a happy marriage. Such dreams can also come to money. When a dreamed young man does not meet the ideal of a lady - it is an unfavorable dream. If he also ugly (hunched, scared, etc.), then the sleeper awaits various troubles and difficulties in personal relationships and deeds. However, this dream has another interpretation. If a guy dreams from Monday to Tuesday, which frightens a girl, then she awaits different experiences. In the life of the dreamer, one of the relatives, friends or acquaintances will bring confusion and nervous tension.

Dreaming guy from the environment
When a lady dreams of a guy with whom she is veryfor a long time did not communicate and did not see (the schoolmate, the forgotten acquaintance, the former beloved), such dream foretells a fast meeting with it. It is also possible that the sleeper will not see him personally, but will receive some news about him or from him.

When a young girl, who already consists inrelationships, dreams that she is flirting with a cute and very interesting guy, then in reality it means that she is unconsciously or consciously unhappy with her choice and her personal life. However, this dream can also be a warning against adventures and adventures of a questionable nature. They do not promise anything good dreaming.

Interpretation for men

If a guy dreams from Monday to Tuesdaya man, then he awaits some kind of profit. When he says in a dream to a male person that he wants a new relationship, this dream is a warning. A new lady can give him a lot of trouble. If you dream a person who in real life is very annoying, then in reality you should pay more attention to health. This dream can warn of illness.

If I dream guy from Wednesday to Thursday

A guy dreams about the days of the week

Such dreams are almost always fulfilled. To girls this dream promises to receive news from a person with whom communication has been lost for a long time. It can be a guy from a past relationship, a distant relative or just a forgotten comrade. This dream, as a rule, does not bear in itself anything bad.