Dream: a horse and what a horse dreams about.

If a man sees in a dream that he rides on horsebackon a white horse, is to prosperity in business; in addition, a pleasant meeting with a beautiful sex is possible in the near future. If a woman dreamed of a white horse - to a favorable relationship with friends and loved ones.

If you dream a horse of black color - it promisesnew acquaintances, good luck in business, profitable deals, so, at least, says any dream book. The horse, however, can also symbolize very unfavorable events. For example, if a woman dreamed of a filly of a black suit, the second half can be unfaithful, the spouse.

If a man sees himself on a luxury horsebay suits, he can expect a passionate relationship, lucky, joyful days. If a woman jumps on a bay horse in a dream, then in reality she is expected to change for the better. In some situations, you will be more accommodating, and perhaps, too compliant, because a woman is just as difficult to understand correctly as a dream book. Why dream a horse that is thin, tortured and dirty, you ask? The answer is simple: you should be alert and think about friends, one of which, probably, will betray you at the most inopportune moment. Perhaps also the appearance of an insidious friend. Comfort and stable life awaits a man who dreamed of a well-groomed horse. Dream interpretation "Interpretation of dreams by Miller" clearly describes all the nuances of dreams related to horses.

Если мужчина во сне сидит на лошади верхом, и в the beginning of the path, she goes quietly, and then suddenly suffered - not expected a very favorable relationship at work. Perhaps, his interests will suffer because of inadequate behavior of a person occupying a higher position in society, as many say. A horse of any color that runs to the herd means that one of the friends or relatives will soon fall ill. Tribal stallions dream of success: you expect a promotion or an increase in wages. On the personal front, expect change, a passionate relationship. Tribal young filly stares to the unanimity between the spouses, and in general this is a very good sign, says the dream book.

A horse that crosses a stream, a river, a body of water withclean, transparent water, dreams either of luck or of various entertainments, pleasures. For people engaged in business, such a dream promises benefits, wealth, luxury. If the water is muddy, dirty, then disappointment in friends awaits you, - this is the dream interpretation of any dream book. The horse, wounded in a dream - to possible troubles with relatives, and the dead - to great disappointments in business and relations. Kicking horse dreams of hard-to-fulfill desires, and perhaps, desires will not be fulfilled at all. If a kicking horse throws the rider to the ground, then in the future you may have a serious rival. And if you are a private entrepreneur, expect serious competitors. If the filly in a dream starts to kick - this is for separation, in addition, it is worth thinking about your health.

If you dream a horse that you are trying totame, put on her harness - this is for success, prosperity, wealth, promotion through the ranks and, accordingly, to increase incomes. To see a horse in apples is to profit. If a woman finds a horseshoe in a dream, she is expected to have a world-wide success or a faithful, complaisant husband. A man shoeing his own horse - it is expected the acquisition of any property is not entirely legal way. If the jumps in which you take part are involved, then in life there will be joyful changes: prosperity and luxury await you. If the horse stumbles - do not take chances in business, if possible, postpone the trip, postpone the meeting. A tired, tired horse - someone unabashedly uses you, or you yourself have burdened someone with requests.