Dream Interpretation: what the beetle is dreaming about

As is known, such a family of insects asbeetles, represented by a huge number of species: this May, and deer beetles, scarabs, ladybugs, fireflies, Colorado beetles and many, many others. And what if these insects have dreamed of us? To answer the question about what the beetle dreams about, we will be helped by several of the most complete and well-known dream books.

what does a beetle dream about

Modern dream book: beetles in a dream

This dream book treats beetles seen in the dream,creeping on the body of a person, as harbingers of possible deterioration of your financial well-being, as well as a series of small but annoying troubles. If you start to press them and kill them in a dream, then, on the contrary, you expect success in business.

Russian dream book: what the beetles are dreaming about

This source views the beetle as a symboldisgust and disbelief. If you dreamed that a little bug is crawling along your arm, then you have a secret admirer, of whom you do not suspect sympathy. Why do big beetles? Such a dream is a very disturbing sign, predicting a serious danger to the dreamer. If you hear the bugbearing buzz of a beetle, then you risk becoming a victim of deception.

what does big beetles dream about

Dream from A to Z: what does the beetle dream about?

The dream, in which the beetle appears,is considered a given dream book as a precursor of losses and complications resulting from a disease. A lot of the beetles are treated as a possible persecution of the dreamer by creditors. Flying insects symbolize your dissatisfaction with the activities of business partners or co-workers. Large and thick beetles are considered a good sign, promising a dreamer getting a good profit. Colorado beetle dreams of financial difficulties, the May bug - the need to become a "vest" for someone from friends, beetle stag beetle - to adultery.

East dream book: what does a beetle dream about

If you dream that your handbag is crawlinga lot of insects, then someone will ask you for money in debt, but will not hurry to return them. If the beetles creep around you, then perhaps you yourself will have to ask for money in debt, but the lender will demand to return them at the most inopportune moment.

dream book

ABC of the interpreter of dreams: dream of beetles

Answering the question about what the beetle is dreaming about,this source claims that this insect is the embodiment of anxiety, annoyance and a sense of own insignificance. Dreaming small bugs promise a little dreamer little damage, as well as gossip and intrigue. But the dung beetle or scarab seen in a dream portends a fast marriage or other significant changes in life.

Dream Interpreter XXI century: beetles in a dream

If you are dreaming that a beetle is creeping towards you, thenprepare for minor troubles and small plans disorders. Killing a beetle promises profit and success. A dreamy black beetle symbolizes the presence of an ill-wishers and envious persons who will spare no time and energy to harm you, so be careful. May beetle can portend blows of fate and events that you will be very painful to experience. Dung beetle is a good sign and promises change for the better.