What a dream about a wedding

Our ancestors believed that dreams canto predict the future of both one man and all mankind. In their opinion, dreams are encrypted messages from highly developed beings whose meaning can be revealed to gifted or well-trained people.

In ancient Egypt dreams were solved by priests, inArab countries - wise men. A modern person can himself interpret dreams with the help of time-tested dreams and dreams sitting in a comfortable chair with a cup of fragrant coffee. From these dream books, for example, you can find out what is dreaming about the wedding.

If you dreamed as you ran away from banditsor from a bear, then the wedding is just around the corner. What does she dream about at the wedding yet? About the wedding soon said and dreamed wedding ring. In various dream books there may be some discrepancies, since the people who composed them relied on different points of view, for example, Vanga - on clairvoyance, Nostradamus - on the stars.

From the dream books you can not only learn to dream aboutwedding, but what does it mean if the wedding is dreaming? A wedding is a rite that symbolizes the beginning of a new life, some positive changes. But on the other hand, the wedding imposes duties, that is, the person is enslaved, his freedom is limited.

Russian folk dream book, which says that,that he dreams of a wedding, assures, in addition, that to dream a wedding - to change. But if you are a guest at someone else's wedding, then the changes that will occur will not affect you. Approximately the same interpretation is given also by Aesop's Dreambook. And the English dream book connects the merry wedding with the dramatic events that can happen to your relatives. If your chosen one (or chosen one) at the wedding was not combined with a wedding with you, it is a sad dream that promises a break.

And what does it mean if you are dreaming about a wedding in whichis there someone in mourning or did you suffer? Such a dream - to sadness, it means that family life does not work out. Well, if a sick person joins a marriage, or there is a quarrel at a wedding, then your dream is bad, which presages the news of death.

Wedding is a far from unambiguous phenomenon, thereforeif you saw it in a dream, then you need to take into account many small details for the correct interpretation of the dream, which at first glance seem to be meaningless. Not paying attention to them, you can misinterpret the dream. From the dream books you can find out not only what the wedding is dreaming about, but what the dream for the wedding is about.

But is it really so important dreams in partpredictions of the future? In some cases this is undoubtedly so, for even in the Bible cases of prophetic dreams are described. For example, in Genesis, 41: 1-7, we read that Pharaoh dreamed of seven well-fed cows, who were devoured by seven thin cows. This dream was interpreted by the young Jew Joseph, but he first told Pharaoh: "... this is not mine. God will give an answer for the good of Pharaoh "(Gen., 41: 16). Beginning with verse 25, Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream, prefacing his interpretation with the words "... the dream of the Pharaohs is one: what God will do, he also told Pharaoh" (Gen. 41: 25).

If you carefully read the book of Genesis further,you can see that both "prophetic" dreams to Pharaoh, and the ability to interpret dreams to Joseph, God sent for a specific purpose. Joseph was one of the key figures of God's chosen people, who played a huge role in the historical development of the people of Israel. So the dream of Pharaoh, sent to him by God, and the interpretation of Joseph had far-reaching consequences for the entire Israeli people.

Described in the Bible and other dreams,turned out to be prophetic. And they all preceded the most crucial events in the history of all of humanity and were sent to some historical person by God to inform him of future events.

So maybe the question of what is dreamingpreparation for the wedding, or rather, this dream itself is not just a curious dream, but the threshold of very significant historical events like the conquest of the Earth by the newcomers from the Andromeda nebula?