Dream Interpretation: What does the cake dream about?

Most people are very fond of different sweets.And if it's possible to taste a cake in honor of some kind of joyful event or a holiday, then we try not to miss such a chance and at least eat a piece. And what if the cake in one form or another was in our dreams? Should we expect a sweet life and joyful events? Or is this dream something else? We propose to search for the answer to the question "what does a cake dream about" in several of the most popular and complete collections of interpretations of dreams.

what does the cake dream about

Dream Interpretation: a cake in a dream

According to the interpretation of this source, if youI dreamed that you received this confectionery as a gift, then all your current affairs will have a favorable outcome, and in the near future you are only expected to have positive emotions. To eat a cake in a dream - to the need to revise the diet of their food, reducing its calorie content. If you presented the cake as a gift to a representative of the opposite sex, then such a dream can symbolize the dissatisfaction you experienced with your sex life.

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Ancient French dream book: what does the cake dream about?

This source considers the dreamed cake as an exceptionally positive sign, predicting a dreamer luck in business and various pleasures and pleasures.

The Dream Wizard's dream: a cake in a dream

Answering the question "what does the cake dream about", thisThe dream book states that such a dream symbolizes the fact that the dreamer judges things solely by their cover, appearance, paying no special attention to their inner essence. This approach hinders to adequately assess the situation and entails a lot of mistakes and missteps. If you dreamed that you baked cake, then in real life you will have a very important and responsible business, for which you will need total dedication. And the results of the work will depend on your future career.

what does the dream dream cake dream about

Esoteric dream book: if you dreamed a cake

If you dreamed that you are baking this culinaryproduct, then, waking up, make a wish. It will certainly be fulfilled. To buy a cake in a dream is to the successful completion of all current affairs. To eat a piece of cake - to carnal pleasures and a skillful sexual partner.

What does the cake dream about?: Dream XXI centuries

A pensive cake promises a dreamer somepleasant troubles in the foreseeable future. But if a girl planning to marry, dream a cake on the wedding table, then her wedding is in jeopardy.

Collection of tips received in a dream: a dream cake

According to this source, if you dreameda beautiful culinary product, decorated with burning candles, then such a dream promises the fulfillment of all the most cherished desires. Why do you dream a lot of cakes? If you do not feel hungry during such a spectacle, then in the foreseeable future you will have a great success both in the professional sphere and in your personal life. If the cake is dreaming of a lover, then he should not doubt his partner. It is desirable even to quickly legalize relations.