Stone pyrites: mysteries, magical properties

Stone pyrite is considered a male stone. He has a huge energy. This is a stone of fanatics. Only to such people he can give success and happiness. The mineral is visually similar to metal. Can have a silver or light yellow color. In translation from Ancient Greek, its name means "carving fire".

stone pyrite

Pyrite is a stone whose magical propertiescan not be underestimated. He has tremendous power and is under the influence of Mars and Neptune. Its magical properties are expressed quite brightly. This is the reason for using the stone in various rituals. Stone pyrite can be dangerous for a person who abuses his power. The mineral is capable of destroying it. Stones with chips and cracks can behave completely unpredictably. It is not recommended to deal with them at all. The larger the stone, the greater its strength. The largest can be used only by very experienced mages.

Stone pyrites reveals in a person all the negativequality. Those who ventured to wear it can exhibit unexpected aggression. The destructive power of a mineral is so great that in a fit of rage a person can harm anyone who is nearby. It should also be noted that pyrite does not tolerate the proximity of other stones. He is able to spoil the character even to a very kind and easy-going person.

Healing properties

stone pyrite photo

Pyrite is often used to treat centralnervous system. For people suffering from such diseases, the stone acts beneficially. Man feeds on the unrestrained vitality of the stone and becomes more active. Chronic drowsiness, melancholy, depression, apathy recede under the influence of pyrite. It is able to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and saturate the blood with oxygen. In ancient times, pyrite grinds and treated toothache and ulcers on the body.


As already mentioned, the stone is pyrite, whose photomay seem rather unimpressive, use dangerously. However, it can serve as a talisman only to sincere, kind and open people. They have enough internal strength to suppress its negative influence and take only good. But their virtues should be shaken, as the pyrite turns them into narcissistic and proud people.

pyrite stone magic properties

If a person, despite everything decided histo wear, then he will certainly get rid of self-doubt, internal fears and will gain immense power. The pyrite stone is an excellent energy shield. He will protect against any negative energy coming from outside, will prevent various infections. Pyrite can be called a monetary stone, as it attracts luck and wealth. But this is only if the person is an adventurer in himself and loves the risk. Indecisive, shy, he can do more courageously, contribute to the growth of self-esteem and the development of love relationships.

Despite all the positive qualities thathas a stone, we should not forget about the opposite side. In no case should not anger the stone. He can take revenge on his owner in the meanest and most unexpected way. People born under the sign of Cancer should not deal with pyrite.