The Temple in Perovo of the Savior of the Holy Face: history, our days

The Church of the Savior of the Holy Image in Gireevo isits historical name. It happened from the name of the village in which it was built. Now the church belongs to the Moscow region of Perovo and it is also called the church in Perovo of the Savior's Image of the Holy Face.

History of the temple

This temple was built by the princes of Golitsyn in itshomestead in Gireevo. The beginning of construction dates back to 1714. It was then that Prince Golitsyn beat the brow of the great sovereign Peter I and asked him about permission to build a stone church in his mansion. The temple in Perovo of the Savior of the Holy Face was built in the style of the Naryshkin Baroque, but more ascetic. This asceticism is connected with the fact that in 1712 St. Petersburg was declared the capital of the Russian Empire, and there was begun active construction, so the stone construction in Moscow was frozen.

However, the prince nevertheless built the temple, and he becamea manor house of the princes Golitsyn. The prince's bed, in which the princes themselves prayed separately from their serfs, also speaks about this. This is also evidenced by the tombstone, because it was here that the children of the princes were buried. In 1718, the Church of the Savior of the Holy Image in Perov, whose photo you see, was consecrated by Metropolitan Stefan Yavorsky, and here began the regular services of Priest Timothy Avakumov. Father Timothy served here for 25 years, and out of respect for this priest princes Golitsyn allowed to bury him in the temple, as also testifies to the memorial plaque.

Temple in Perovo of the Savior of the Holy Face

New Life of the Temple

В конце 18 века имение было продано и после этого often changed owners. At that time the church in Perovo of the Savior's Image did not desolate and became a simple chapel. The new life of the temple began in 1872, when the estate was acquired by the merchant of the first guild of Torletsky. His son built a settlement Novogireevo.

Despite the fact that the village was considered to be a dacha, peoplelived here constantly, and soon the number of inhabitants of the village approached the level of 15 thousand. Among them there were many religious people, and they asked the metropolitan about the construction of a new church. Metropolitan suggested reviving the existing temple. The villagers improved it and resumed the services.

The Church of the Savior of the Holy Image in Gireev Perov

Severe years of hard times

At the beginning of the 20th century, severetime. In 1922, the Church of the Savior of the Holy Face in Gireev (Perov) was "robbed" according to the decree "On the Seizure of Church Values", and on April 20, 1941, it was closed. On the territory of the temple there was a sniper school "Shot". Icons served as targets for snipers. The church was scolded and destroyed.

The years of hard times have passed, and by the decree of the most holyPatriarch Pimen in 1989, the temple was returned to the church. The first Liturgy here was served on May 18, 1991 on the day of the memory of the Great Martyr Irina. This day until now remains memorable for the parishioners. Annually on May 18, solemn worship and religious procession takes place.


Temple in Perovo of the Savior of the Holy Imagelocated next to the city hospital. This neighborhood left an imprint on parish activities, and even on the interior of the temple. Here is the first icon of 12 Healers in Moscow, where people come to pray for their health and the health of their loved ones.

The Temple in Perovo of the Savior of the Holy Face in Perov photo

Recently, in the temple there is an ark withrelics of Russian saints. The northern and southern wings of the temple are thematic. The southern wing is dedicated to Russian saints. This is where the most valuable icons are. For example, the icon of St. Nicholas of Myra in Miracles was preserved by one parishioner. This icon was kept at her home for 50 years from the time of the plundering of the temple until its restoration. In the north wing of the church there is a wooden carved crucifix. In it - a small antique cross-stitch with a piece of the tree of the cross of the Lord. The cross is very small, but very ancient. It is dated the century before last.

Divine services in the church are performed daily.Serving Matins and Liturgy. The beginning of the services at 8.30. On Sundays and holidays, early Liturgies are performed at 6.30, late - at 9.00 on the eve of All-night Vigil.

The temple in Perovo of the Savior's Image of the Holy Face in Perov address

Temple of the Savior of the Holy Image in Perov: address

Getting to the temple is very simple:Metro "Novogireevo", exit from the last car in the direction of Federated Avenue. The temple is located on Federated Avenue, 4a. From the street the temple can not be seen, therefore, to get to it, you need to focus on the hospital. Through the gates of this hospital you can get to your destination.