Dream Interpretation: why the sea dreamed

The sea is a very interesting dream. Various sources interpret it in different ways. What did the sea dream about? For a correct interpretation of the meaning of this dream, it is necessary to take into account all its details.

What did the sea dream about
Miller's dream. Interpretation: what the sea dreamed of

When a person in a dream hears a melancholy quietthe rustle of the sea - he is facing a hard and fruitless life or a time period devoid of friendship and love. Dreams about him speak of the futility of hopes. Even plunging headlong into the world of carnal pleasures, a person will still languish in spiritual food. When a lady dreams that she and her lover quickly slip over the water surface, her secret female dreams will come true. If a sleeper sees the sea as a miracle, then he will go through a wonderful and pleasant event. A terrible adventure, connected with the ocean, portends a difficult situation.

Sonnik Tsvetkova

When dreaming the sea, a person expects a troubleda life. Go along the surf line - to the ambulance. Just look at the calm surface - to receive fast news from afar. Crystal clear sea water comes in a dream to a pleasant meeting. Clean sea surface - to health and material well-being. Swim in the ocean - to wealth. To sail on a ship is to useful and good work.

Why the pure sea dreams
Wanderer's Dream. Interpretation: what the sea dreamed of

This is an interesting dream. A beautiful and calm sea symbolizes the fulfillment of desires, peace and satisfaction with life. Stormy and stormy - has the opposite meaning.

Esoteric dream book: why the pure sea

When a person sees in a dream a calm and cleanthe sea surface is a sign of harmonious love relationships, as well as satisfaction in sex. Bad weather and the stormy ocean say that it is worth it for the dreamer to think about the temporary separation from his chosen one, because mutual jealousy has turned the relationship into a nightmare.

Dream Book of Meneghetti

Sea open spaces in a dream are endless possibilities. They symbolize the human body as a whole. The current situation is indicated by the qualitative characteristics of the sea.

East dream book: why the sea dreams

This dream is very interesting. The agitated and raging sea foreshadows a stormy life, entertainment and romance novels. Being in the waves during a storm - to stormy family scenes, conflicts with loved ones. When a young lady sails with her loved one on a quiet and calm water surface - her awaits the fulfillment of desires and a happy life.

Dream interpretation of the dream of the sea

Dream interpretation Grishina

The sea is a symbol of greatness and infinity. It reflects the subconscious side of personality. Dreams about him predict the onset of a period when the life of the dreamer will not hang from himself, but from external forces. A serene sea surface in a dream presages peace and a deep contemplation of the world. The boiling ocean says that the subconscious forces will get out of the sleeper's control, which will cause him serious damage. Fall into it - to various disasters and losses.

Dream of the Canaanites: why the sea dreamed

Calm sea surface symbolizesprosperous life. The stormy sea speaks of a stormy life full of dangers and anxieties. Fall into it - to the losses. To swim in it is to plan risky and dangerous things. Drown - unfortunately, in which the person is to blame himself.

Sonny of Kopalinsky

A serene sea dreams happily, and a stormy sea dreams of various failures.