We'll figure out what we're dreaming about, that you're getting married

A girl or woman had a dream in which shemarry. On the one hand, what you see can be interpreted as a good sign, foreshadowing happiness and wealth. On the other hand, some details of sleep are interpreted very unpleasantly. Let's take a closer look at what can mean a dream for the fair sex in which marriage is present.

A Lonely Woman Marries in a Dream

Why dream that you get married
You are a lonely woman.You had a dream, in which you are going to the crown, then prepare yourself for the fateful events in your life. Although, to say unequivocally, what you dream about, that you are getting married, you can not. It seems to be a favorable dream and is interpreted positively. In the dream books it is said that you are tired of loneliness and dream that there was a person next to whom it would not be terrible to meet old age. The dream can be interpreted as the news that in the near future you will meet your betrothed and strengthen the relationship by marriage. Your union will be strong and full of positive moments.

Also there is not very favorableinterpretation of what you dream about, that you are getting married. If in a dream a woman was dressed in white clothes and, peering into the mirror, she saw her reflection, a sign very bad. Interpreters of dreams believe that this is a death and a long illness. It should be said what she dreams about: she got married, but the bride can not find her husband anywhere. This is to empty hopes and frivolous relationships. It is possible that your lover does not take you seriously and does not intend to marry.

To see your wedding from the side

 Why dream of getting married
It is very interesting to interpret what one dreams about,that you get married if you look at your wedding from the outside. You see from far away your fiancé, but you feel his touch and understand that the bride walking next to you is none other than you - expect luck in business, success and universal recognition. You have a bright band in life. Most likely, in the near future you will have a voyage. By the way, it is during the trip that you will get acquainted with a person who will play a very important role in your future. Perhaps it is the travel companion that will introduce you to your future spouse. If you have met your wedding cortege in a dream, but you are not near the groom yourself, do you know what you're dreaming about? To marry - to success, and not to go to your wedding - is to miss your luck. And you will consciously affect reality in the course of events. You will understand that you are making a mistake, but do nothing to prevent the consequences. This dream dreamed a married woman - to betrayal, to quarrels and divorce.

Who is the groom

 What's the dream about getting married
If you dreamed that the beloved didproposal, you responded reciprocated to his feelings and started preparing for the upcoming wedding, know that in the future you will have small problems that you will have to solve quickly. But, what is it that dreams that you marry an adult or already a mature man? This portends a rich and prosperous future life. If the groom is a young and handsome young man from a dream, this is not very good. Dreamers advise to pay attention to the circle of communication. Someone dissolves gossip, envies and constantly foul language in your address.

To sum up

So, marriage in a dream can be interpreted in different ways. Basically, the predictions are pleasant and positive. Only some details can indicate unpleasant signs.