Dream Interpretation: dirt. What is this dream about?

A very strange dream is mud. What this dream is about depends on its circumstances. For correct interpretation one must take into account all the nuances of the dream.

Mud to what I dream

Sonnik Tsvetkov: the dirt. Why dream?

If a person dreamed that he was stuck to itdirt - this is the disease. Spattered clothes - to slander. When a sleeper has a foot in the mud, he needs to wait for troubles in his personal sphere. To fall into a dehydrated vein - to move to another place of residence.

Dreamwriter Zhou-Hunn

If the human body is stained with feces or urine - towealth. Fall and get dirty in the restroom - unfortunately. Get out of there - to success. See yourself in the mud in a dream - the reality of desire is not fulfilled. The soiled underwear dreams of difficult births, and the outer clothing - to humiliation and shame. To wash off dirt and dust from yourself - to healing from sickness.

What does the swamp dream about?

English dream book: why do you dream about dirt?

If a person imagines that he has become soiled, thenin reality he will soon fall ill or be very upset. This dream can also be a warning that soon the day will come when the sleeper will have to defend his dignity and honor, otherwise he will lose them. When in a dream of a dreamer, mud is strewed with clods, hidden enemies will badly harm him. Especially it is necessary to beware of people whom he trusts.

The Dream Dream Book

This dream is a symbol of sadness and disclosure of secrets. If a person dreams that he is dirty in his own house, then well-being awaits him.

Miller's dream: dirt. Why dream?

When the sleeper sees that he is walking through the mud, then thismeans that he will lose the trust of his friends and lose peace in the family. The fault of this will be his own actions. When a person sees that others are walking through the mud, in reality it foretells that terrible rumors will spread about him. And it will be a colleague or friend. For farmers and peasants, such a dream means a crop failure. Dirt on his own clothes suggests that the dreamer is in danger. If he then cleanse his outfit, he will avoid the slander and traps of enemies.

Sonny Hasse: dirt. Why dream?

See yourself dirty in a dream - to gossip and evil conversations. Dirty yourself - fortunately.

Dream Interpretation

Wanderer's Dreambook

As a rule, mud in a dream is a feeling of influencepersonalities, which the sleeper considers to be low and unclean. Fall into it - to blunder in what the dreamer considers for himself the main thing in life, or to the loss of authority. Just get dirty - to illness, gossip and gossip. Walking in the mud - to a bad company.

A modern dream book: what does the swamp, mud look like?

Болото, как правило, означает плохие перспективы for the future. Wander through it - to danger. Get out of it - to improve in current affairs. Mud in a dream is a symbol of dirty thoughts, mistakes and feelings of guilt.

French dream book

Dirt in a dream portends poverty to a person.Go on it - to the disease. If the dreamer is dirty, then the disease will be supplemented by poverty with various troubles. However, when the sleeper takes out mud from the reservoir (lake, river, sea), this dream portends material prosperity and prosperity.

Dream interpretation of Zadeki

As a rule, mud in a dream is a good sign. This dream can foreshadow profit taking.