Marseilles. Name: meaning and destiny

Marseille is a name whose meaning translates as"Praising God" from Arabic. Diminutive forms - Mars, Selya, Marek, although usually even boys are called the full version. It is beautiful and musical, it is chosen by parents who want to give their son a rare and unusual name.

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What is the name of Marseille

There are sources that claim that the name has French roots and means "related to Mars". It is common among the French, occasionally found in the Dutch and the Tatars.

Marseilles. Name. Meaning for the child

As a child, Marcel will be a calm child, notdelivering great trouble. Always help a friend, comfort, protect. Selya is not one of those who prefer to resolve conflicts with the help of kulaks, because he knows that one can always agree and find a compromise. Marcel - the name of the boy, who among the peers will lead, they quickly succumb to his influence. This talented child, at children's matinees with pleasure will recite poems, sing songs, dance. If his parents write down in the circles, the teachers will be convinced that Marek's hands are gold - his model of the boat will most certainly be executed, it will turn out to be very beautiful.

Marseilles. Name. Significance on health

Has good health. It is necessary to pay attention to the kidneys and organs of the urinary system. Useful for doing sports and walking in the fresh air. Particular attention is paid to catarrhal and viral diseases, to cure them to the end.

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Marseilles. Name. The meaning and character of the owner

The holder of this name is clearly pronouncedcholeric and extrovert. It seems that at any time it can go out of itself, but this almost never happens, this man knows how to behave in the hands. A weak place is excessive pride and arrogance. Strong character traits are determination, endurance, flexibility. Marcel has a good imagination, a wonderful memory. He likes to make a good impression on others, he wants people to love him. Marcel's light character, his sense of humor and kindness, help to make a lot of friends around him.

Family, love and marriage

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Quickly finds the girl she wantsmarry, and she will reciprocate him. The family will be strong and friendly. His wife will pamper him and try to fulfill his whims. At the same time, Mars does not understand love, from which people lose their heads. He himself controls his emotions and does not want to become the object of someone's passion. The inherent tactfulness and lightness will help create a good atmosphere in the house, where the households, having gathered in the evening for dinner, will be happy to communicate. His relatives also need to be more delicate, because Marcel is very touchy, with a careless word, he can be deeply wounded.

Marseilles. Name. Importance in choosing the field of activity

It is necessary to choose the profession, the success of which dependsfrom the availability of diligence, self-learning, perseverance. From Marseille will get a good programmer or architect. He does not like to work for someone and at the first opportunity will try to organize his own business. Sociability, tact, diplomacy, ability to understand the interlocutor will help achieve success. Often Marcel is busy, does not sit around, but at times is prone to laziness, which, however, quickly passes.

All these qualities will help ensure that Marcel lived a decent life, full of many interesting events. The close will be proud of him.