Interpretation of sleep: what a child dreams of - a girl

what does a baby girl dream about
Pleasant surprises - that's what a child dreams about. A girl who looks in a dream at a woman means that this woman lives surrounded by good and faithful friends. Dreams about little children are often interpreted as the appearance of their own. If a pregnant woman dreams of an infant, soon she will be able to know the sex of the unborn child. What a child (girl) dreams about is the child's early birth in the family.

There are several more interpretations for women. A successful marriage, which will make a woman happy, is what a girl dreams about. A newborn girl in a dream leads to a renewal of the emotions, feelings and features of a woman. If the girl is beautiful as a doll, then it is worth waiting for a miracle. Joy and surprise from the little girl seen in a dream portends unexpected events that can happen in real life.

Interpretation of what the dream of a girl playing inwater, has a hidden and at the same time important meaning. This means that a person must carry out the things he has planned, as this will change the life for the better. A sad playing girl means that you need to think about your close people. The dream speaks of the offense of your relatives, that you pay little attention to them.

what does a girl dream about

Keeping the baby in his arms is a problem that pushes people away from the fulfillment of their cherished goal. However, a cheerful girl sitting on her hands means that you can easily solve the problems that have arisen on the way.

A girl in a dream, lying on your hands with a temperature, promises a deterioration in your morale. The experiences that will bother you can cause the impending illness.

Another interpretation of what the child dreams about(girl) - this is quick news. The appearance of the girl means the character of the news. If the baby is beautiful and well-groomed, then you are waiting for the wonderful news. In the case when the girl is unhappy and dirty, - respectively, and the news is bad. A girl crying in her sleep portends a serious illness, but the treatment started in time will help avoid complications and further spread. A little girl with an inoffensive face promises intrigues of enemies in real life. Only constant vigilance and caution will help not to become a victim of intrigues of enemies.

Dreams in which there is disheveledgirl, foreshadow chaos in affairs, unpleasant events and the destruction of hopes. If a woman in a dream sees herself as a little girl, it means that soon she will receive pleasant news from her parents.

what does the girl dream about
Why does a child (girl) dream about a man? If a man has visited such a dream, it means that he will have a happy meeting with old and very close friends with whom he has not maintained contact for a long time.

To dream an unknown girl who entersin your house, - expect uninvited guests. If this does not let the girl into the house - to face minor distress. In a dream, it takes a very long time to talk with a girl - it means to get great wealth and great luck. A little girl in a dream can portend how bad and good, so if you remember most of the details of sleep, you can protect yourself from many troubles.