Sealing tape, household use and construction

Sealing tape is designed forpreventing the penetration of gaseous and liquid substances into the premises. Measures to compact windows and doors contribute to the preservation of heat in the cold season.

sealing tape

Sealing tapes

Self-adhesive tape is used as the mostA simple and cheap means of sealing doorways and windows. The grooves must first be thoroughly cleaned of old cracked paint, dirt and grease, as the sealing tape for windows is always fixed in the inner groove, thus protecting the wooden part of the window from possible moisture ingress. With a single frame, the tape is attached to the window leaf so that the narrow part is pointed toward the room, otherwise the gaskets can be damaged when opening the window. Sealing materials have good adhesive properties, therefore remain invisible.

Types of tapes

Sealing tape made of foam materialit is flexible enough so that it can be used to fill large grooves and uneven seams. The disadvantage is that it quickly gets wet and adsorbs the dust, so you have to change it often.

sealing tape for windows
Sealing tape of sponge cellular rubberHas a smooth surface, easy to clean, insensitive to moisture and does not require frequent replacement. However, cellular rubber is less elastic than a foam material, so it shrinks worse. The profile sealing plates are made in different shapes and sizes, they are easy to glue, screw, punch and insert. Attach pads from the outside of the doors and windows to protect the ends of the frames and mounts from rainwater and slow the evaporation of moisture from these places. It is not recommended to tighten the profile sealing plates during installation, but they should not be installed freely, as they lose their elasticity in the first case, and in the second case they do not maintain tightness. Sealing tape can be made in the form of a long sealing belt, covered with a non-hardening adhesive layer. Such belts are attached from the outside of the products. Sealing end profiles are used in all modern designs of door and window units. Profiled overhead tires are made from profile shells or tires, consisting of an elastic material and a special clamp made of aluminum or wood. The sealing tape when installing and sealing profile tires is usually not applied.

sealing tape for roofing

Sealers for roofs

Roof sealing tape providesreliable protection of roofs and other flat surfaces from snow, wind, rain and other "whims" of nature. It is able to protect not only the roof from corrosion. Sealing tape is used in the installation of pipeline systems, chimneys, gutters. It is also indispensable for the treatment of ventilation systems and in the execution of construction work to secure gutters and pipes. A competent choice of sealing tape guarantees high reliability and moisture resistance of structures. In addition to sealing the window and door openings, this material is used for isothermal doors and refrigerated doors. Use tapes to seal flange connections in ventilation and air conditioning systems.