We repair the ceiling. Stucco - how to whitewash it?

Repair and finishing of apartments - a complex and heavyJob. In many ways, she is encouraged by the need to whitewash the ceiling. Plaster is liable to whitewashing is not too easy, and therefore it will be useful to discuss some of the nuances of this work.

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Despite the fact that in recent years, recognizedthe leaders of the "ceiling" market are stretch and suspended ceilings, in many apartments to this day you can see carelessly whitened concrete floors. Unfortunately, time spares no one and nothing, and therefore most of them have a very deplorable state. In particular, plaster is the hardest, which often falls off from the influence of aggressive environmental factors.

Such a ceiling not only looks disgusting,but also simply dangerous, since the layer of plaster that has fallen to the head does not exactly add health. And because the plaster ceiling, the price of which can be quite high, the event is absolutely necessary. Even more necessary is its periodic renewal, since in this case the ceiling cover can last much longer.

The ceiling can be whitewashed with lime or usedbuilding chalk, which is thoroughly ground. There is also a more common way to whitewash the ceiling. For this purpose, water-emulsion paint is very suitable for all of its qualities. It should be quality and fresh, and not stuck since the last time! Unfortunately, domestic repairs and finishing of apartments are often different. Of course, that it is absolutely unacceptable to use the old solution in the case when you have applied decorative plaster for the ceiling, to spoil it with such methods is very simple.

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In the case of chalky whitewashing it is necessary in advanceto prepare a solution. To do this, dissolve in 5 liters of warm water 30 grams of joinery glue and add 3 kg of chalk. But before that it must be well sifted. From the ceiling carefully washed old whitewash. At the last moment you need to stop especially. It happens that the old plaster in its density resembles a stone, and therefore it becomes difficult to wash it off. In this case, you need to use hot water or a steam generator, which will help you fix the ceiling. The plaster in this case is rapidly macerated, and it is no longer difficult to separate it from concrete.

Further, using putty and spatula, it is worthtry to repair all cracks and defects in the coating. Joints are completely filled with putty, for this purpose it is applied alternately in the transverse and longitudinal directions. At the next stage, such a ceiling is to be covered with liquid soil.

decorative plaster for the ceiling
For him you need to take two hundred gramssoap and dissolve it in two liters of hot water with the addition of one hundred grams of drying oil and 3 kilograms of hydrated lime. All is thoroughly mixed, the resulting mixture is applied to the ceiling. The plaster should be applied as smoothly as possible. The main difficulty in plastering the ceiling is to obtain a mixture of sufficient consistency: it does not have to flow freely from the ceiling, but it can not resemble dough in appearance.

Then, using a hand roller or using a specialSpray the primer gently on the prepared surface of the ceiling to give it a matte shade. You should wait at least 2-3 days for sufficient drying of the whitewash, after which finish the finish layer of the ceiling. Plaster after such repairs should last a long time.