Campanula garden from the family of handbells

The Campanula, whose photo immediately indicates that the plant belongs to the Bellflower family, has many varieties.

Blooms Campanula garden with blue, white andPurple bells are abundant and lasting, from the end of spring until late autumn. This two-year herb reaches a height of up to ten centimeters. Its stem is mainly creeping, fed from the soil thanks to a fleshy root with numerous thin branches. Considered to be ampel, for many years the plant was one of the most popular crops that adorn pallets and cupboards with their hanging shoots, the greenery of which was covered with numerous flowers, resembling bells in the summer. It still looks good now both in pots and in a hanging basket, and its unpretentiousness makes it possible to grow this flower even for a beginner floriculturist.

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This plant is a wonderful honey plant, which has a lot of pollen and nectar, which gives it a unique honey aroma.

From the biological features of this bell, there is a direct effect of the amount of light on the shape of its leaves, and the humidity of the air - on the color of the corolla.

Campaigned garden, caring for which enoughsimple, not very demanding on living conditions, but for the abundance and duration of its flowering, as well as brightness, it is necessary to observe certain agrotechnical rules.

The plant develops better on a sunny opena place sheltered from the wind. The land should be well treated and fertilized. The most suitable are calcareous soils. Care of bells is in weeding, constant watering (but without overmoistening) and tying to pegs if necessary. For the winter campaigned the garden is covered with lapnik.

This flower multiplies by its division and seeds,which are sown both in the open ground and in greenhouse conditions. Shoots grow on average in three weeks, and seedlings must be seeded after the same time.

The soil under this plant must be prepared in advance: it must be added with peat, some sand and fine gravel.

At the beginning of the vegetation, the bells should be given any nitrogen fertilizing so that it enters the bloom phase correctly.

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Campaigned the garden is fairly resistant tofungal diseases and pests. However, it often dies because of the invasion of mice that damage its roots. Of diseases, the plant is most often affected by rot or fusariosis, especially in wet and rainy weather, which lasts for several days. His leaves are covered with a brown bloom, and the flowers lose their decorativeness.

Today, the campaigned garden is used not onlyin delicate bouquets, but also in landscape design. It is equally beautiful and in the center of the flower bed, and as a carpet plant, and as an exquisite bordurchik. Bells perfectly combined with many garden and decorative varieties of flowers.

Campanula or bell

By planting several different varieties in the gardenCampanula, you can almost continuously admire their flowering in the garden from the very beginning of summer and until the first frost. The bell is mostly unpretentious and responsive to care and attention.

They say that those who have these flowers in the garden, hear at night, on the feast of Ivan Kupala, their chimes, bringing peace to the house with joy and prosperity.