The music stand is a comfortable music stand

Every musician knows what a music stand is. This term is of Latin origin. It is translated as a "platform from planks". But for today we under this name perceive a special stand, designed for comfortable reading of musical notes.

music stand
Music stand is old enoughinvention, it is already more than two thousand years. Originally it was used by the Chinese. The lectern was used to maintain parchments and documents for comfortable reading, although it was not universally. European musicians from Germany and Switzerland at one time adapted music stands for musical needs. Actually, they came to the conclusion that it's much more comfortable to keep the music. tool, while reading notes from a sheet. It happened in the distant fourteenth century. It was from this moment on that the music stands began to associate exclusively with music. Despite such a long history, they have not changed radically.

The music stand can be of various shapesand is made of all kinds of materials. The most popular music stands are metal. As a rule, they have a special folding mechanism, hence enough

music stand
convenient for carrying, which is very convenient, for example,when a young man is only learning music. The next kind of music stand is a wooden music stand. It is stationary and does not add up. Basically, they are used in concert halls and orchestras, where you do not need to drag your tools and things all the time.

Wooden music stands are mostly decorated with all sorts of musical symbols and carved patterns. They are chosen by lovers of exclusive handicrafts.

musical instrument
Often you can see stands in the form of symbols of musical instruments, for example, a treble clef, a harp, etc.

In addition, there is also a built-in music stand fornotes. But it should rather be called "stand". Such models are used on digital synthesizers, grand pianos, and also some other instruments. They are installed directly on the frame of the musical instrument. Basically, these stands are equipped with a folding mechanism or simply pulled out of the tool immediately after use.

Stand for music can be both desktop, soand floor. A special stand is provided for the floor supports. It is regulated by a special telescopic mechanism, located vertically. In addition, the supports are adjustable tilt angle for easy reading of notes by people of different sizes. But the desktop models look like small inclined stands. They are installed on any type of surface, including tables. They are great for reading books and all sorts of documents. Although often the musicians themselves use such music stands for comfortable reading of notes by installing a stand, for example, on the piano.

In general, a stand is any stand, on which it is possible to arrange notes or papers for a comfortable reading by a beginner or already a professional musician who loves his work.