Secrets of gardening: planting gooseberries in autumn

Gooseberry planting is carried out in autumn and spring. However, planting young bushes in the open ground is still preferable in the autumn. In the spring, this should not be done, especially in those regions where late frosts are often observed. In addition, in the gooseberry planted in autumn, the root system quickly takes root. The plant adapts well and has time to grow strong enough to survive the cold season. In early spring, after the earth warms up, the shrub starts to grow and develop rapidly.

plantation of gooseberries in autumn
Optimal dates for planting gooseberries - the secondhalf of September - beginning of October. It is best to focus on weather conditions. If the autumn is warm, then you can postpone the planting. But it must be remembered that the planting of gooseberries should be carried out approximately two weeks before the start of frost. Plant seedlings are purchased in early September. Planting bushes in the open ground should be done on a cloudy and windless day. This is a necessary condition for the roots not to dry.

time for planting gooseberries
If, for some reason, the planting of gooseberryin the autumn it is not fulfilled or the plant still did not get accustomed, then it is possible to make a repeated planting of the bush in the early spring. The most favorable time for this is the last decade of March. In extreme cases - the first of April. That is, the period when the plant is still in a state of complete rest. However, it should be borne in mind that planted gooseberry planted much more difficult.

To plant gooseberries in the fall wassuccessful, it is necessary first of all to choose healthy and strong seedlings. On how successfully this was done, almost half the success depends. It is most convenient to take biennial bushes or layers. Also it is necessary to pay attention to their root system: it should be more than 20 cm. The shoot should have at least two shoots, the length of each of them - from 30 cm.

gooseberry planting and care breeding
So, in order to get abundant next seasonharvest of a large juicy berries, it is necessary that the planting of gooseberries in autumn was performed not only in the required time, but also in the right place. This plant is very fond of open sunny places. Ideally, the site for planting this culture should be smooth and without blackout. Nearby there should not be any buildings and plantations of fruit trees. But gooseberries do not tolerate strong winds, so when choosing a site, this is taken into account. For planting shrubs are not suitable places where groundwater lies closer than one meter. In marshy soils this plant develops poorly. Clay earth will also be undesirable. Roots need constant access to oxygen, otherwise the bush will often ache and quickly wither away.

The main thing in cultivating such a culture asgooseberry, - planting and care. Reproduction of this plant is not difficult. It is much more difficult to properly care for a young bush. If the plant was planted incorrectly, then a good harvest can not wait. So, planting gooseberries in your garden, consider all the nuances that are required for its successful growth.