How to get rid of moles in the suburban area. Tips for the gardener

Garden moles are naturally hardworkingtruck farmers: they loosen the ground, building in the dungeon moves, and fight with harmful insects, feeding on them. However, in comparison with a human mole is considered a pest of gardens and vegetable gardens. Why is such a distribution of roles and how to get rid of moles in the suburban area? We'll find out!

how to get rid of moles in the suburban area

Be careful, moles!

The fact is that not one mole has a concept"private property". They consider their own any territory on which they settle. After this, on the "own" earth, the insectivorous pest imagines itself as a complete master. As a true gardener, the mole is completely immersed in the work, excuse me for the pun, with my head. As a result - fresh moles and tunnels, which adversely affect our beds, lawns and flower beds. So, what measures can we take to combat this pest?

How to get rid of moles in the suburban area: humane methods

  1. One of the simplest and classic waysfighting moles is scaring. To do this, use loud sounds. In the middle of your land, stick an iron rod, put a plastic bottle or can on it. The slightest whiff of wind provokes a clanking sound, which moles are afraid of. As practice shows, this method is ineffective, but it is very simple.
    garden moles
  2. One of the humane and effective methods in the strugglewith moles is their catch. This is done with the help of a special gag or handy tools. For example, you can bury a three-liter jar in the ground at an incline. At the same time, its neck must coincide with the entrance. When you catch a mole, do not ruin it, but take it away from your site and release it.
  3. Today there is, perhaps, the most effectivehumane way, how to get rid of moles in the suburban area: use an electronic repeller. This device works in the ground. The vibration it creates is perceived by our pests as an earthquake, that is, an earthquake. The instinct of survival takes its toll, and the moles leave this place. The most famous brand of repellers - "Antikrot" MK080. The device is half buried in the ground in the center of your garden site, after which it begins to vibrate periodically. Most importantly - do not forget about the timely replacement of AAA batteries.

How to get rid of moles in the suburban area: deadly methods

  1. Such ways of catching moles are aimed at,to kill them or at least to injure them. The simplest of them are traps with the use of fishing three-pointed hooks, tied to a heavy stick and laid in each turn of the pest. The mole comes to check his tunnel and hooks on the hook like a fish.
    from moles in the suburban area
  2. No mole - no problem. Flood this animal. For this, insert a hose into its molehill or tunnel and open the water.
  3. Get rid of moles in the suburban area will helpspecial bait with poison. Also place them in moles and tunnels. For example, roll in the rat poison of earthworms and scatter them on moles "possessions".
  4. Use special tools designed to combat these pests. Purchase them in hardware stores.
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