Seals for wooden windows - effective solutions

Presence of wooden window constructionshelps maintain an optimal microclimate in the room and organize a harmonious attractive interior. But the trouble with double-glazed windows with frames made of natural materials in comparison with plastic is the fairly rapid loss of heat-saving ability as a result of environmental factors.

Currently, keep the heat in the room allows special seals for wooden windows. Let's look at the specifics of using such isolation.

Why do I have to insulate wooden double-glazed windows?

Many apartments still operatewindows of Soviet production. However, most modern models with wooden frames also can not be called perfect. In such constructions, crevices are formed, which arise under the influence of dampness and temperature changes.

In the manufacture of wooden windows are often used solid bars. The material reacts actively to changes in humidity and swells. As a result, the tightness of the structure suffers.

rubber seal for wooden windows

The most expensive wooden windows,made with the use of innovative technologies, are made of glued base, after which they are processed by vacuum drying. Therefore, the latter are spared from the above shortcomings.

Seal for wood windows

It allows you to isolate window frames, keepinggeometry of construction. The sealer is installed by milling the openings. The quality of sealing is facilitated by the use of rubber or silicone fillers.

sealers for wooden windows

Seam pockets for wooden windows are installed according to the following sequence of actions:

  1. The nails are removed, the old sealant is removed, the leaves are removed from the hinges.
  2. On the perimeter of the sash, a groove with a depth of about 5 mm and a width of 2-3 mm is laid with the help of a milling cutter.
  3. Seals for wooden windows are laid in prepared openings with a tail inward.
  4. The insulator is sealed with a special mounting roller.
  5. Window shutters are returned to the site and adjusted until an easy closing-opening is achieved.

Seal for wooden windows, rubber

Represents an elastic band. For installation, a special sealant is required, which can be purchased with the seal.

After cleaning the window frames from the remains of the oldsealant, crumbling paint and dirt, the structure is pasted around the entire perimeter of the insulator, including the window pane. Glue the tape must be extremely carefully, which avoids the problems with opening and closing the leaflets.

groove for wooden windows
Finally, rubber seals for wooden windows are blown out with sealant. For these purposes, it is desirable to choose a substance of a transparent structure in order to achieve a more accurate appearance.

Film method of warming

Recently,Special sealing film made of polyethylene, which are excellent in the insulation of wooden structures. A transparent frame covers the frame or the whole window. The material is secured using a construction stapler.

The process of installing such isolation is much simpler than previous solutions. The main thing is to evenly cover the surface, which is to be sealed, with a layer of material of sufficient size.

Separate types of film seals can besee almost any construction stores. The main task of the consumer is to choose the most frost-resistant insulator. Only in this case, the protection of the double-glazed window does not crack with sudden temperature fluctuations.

If desired, the above methods of sealing wooden windows can be successfully combined. Everything depends on the existing working conditions and personal wishes of the owner of the dwelling.