Standard dimensions of plastic windows

Any modern manufacturing companyplastic windows is ready to fulfill any wish of the client - whether it is manufacturing a triangular or round window, huge or very small. However, there are standard sizes of plastic windows, which are always relevant - even in the century of great experiments. And these dimensions are not fabricated - they are fixed in the list of state standards.

Windows are plastic: standard sizes and GOST

standard dimensions of plastic windows

The optimal sizes of window openings and blocks werecalculated, based on the requirements of GOST. Standard windows with two doors have dimensions of 1300x1400 mm, and with three - 2050x1400 mm. Sometimes a tricuspid window can reach a height of 2070 - GOST allows this. Also, the standards specify the standard dimensions of plastic windows for roof windows, balcony doors. The sizes for so-called hruschevok differ: for window apertures with a wide window sill bivalve - 1450х1500, трирельртое - 2040х1500; for narrow windowsills 1300x1350 and 2040x1350 respectively.

Why are the "right" plastic windows in demand?

windows plastic standard sizes
Standard dimensions remain the samepopular - why? It's very simple - it's the price. Stream production allows you to significantly reduce the cost of the product, which means that the standard windows will be much more affordable. The difference is sometimes so significant that it is much cheaper to fit window openings to standard sizes of plastic windows than to make a non-standard window. It happens when private houses that are built without observing GOST are glazed.

Which option to choose - standard or non-standard?

Standard sizes of plastic windows have their ownpluses: for example, the proportions are calculated as accurately as possible - they are checked by many years of practical application, while the increase in windows, which should increase the illumination of the room, can not guarantee the reliability of the structure. For example, a blind leaf area of ​​more than 1000 square meters. mm will lead to deformation of the double-glazed window due to an extra load, which can greatly reduce the window's service life. But this only applies to really large sizes, otherwise the owners of plastic windows can build on their material possibilities.

plastic windows standard sizes
It should be noted that the lower coststandard windows does not affect their quality. The price of non-standard profiles increases the complexity of the manufacturing process - it requires individual calculations, design and preparation of production. The sound and thermal insulation in the standard windows will be magnificent, they will preserve the microclimate of the room and not spoil its appearance. In addition, one of the main advantages of plastic designs of any size is their durability: a well-executed design can serve its owners for several decades. And the simplicity of exploitation speaks for itself: no seasonal repainting and gluing of crevices - it is only necessary to wash them from time to time with the help of the simplest means. The choice of windows is a matter of responsibility, and now you can make it right.