Self-adhesive insulation: overview, types, characteristics and reviews

Now self-adhesive insulation is foundhigh popularity. The reason for this was the properties of the material. Also worth noting is the wide range of applications. It can be used for insulation of windows, pipes, walls and other surfaces.

According to reviews, the increased demand forself-adhesive insulation, the price of which depends on the thickness, width and length of the sheet, is also explained by the fact that it can perform at once two important functions: noise absorption and compaction. This material prevents the formation of drafts, freezing and other. No less important property is the possibility of insulation to absorb moisture. Thanks to its use in the construction, heat exchange is normalized, which guarantees maximum efficiency.

What are the types of self-adhesive insulation? What is its main purpose? How to make the installation correctly? It is to these questions that we are to find the answers in this article.

self-adhesive insulator

Types of heaters

At present, the insulation material is of the following types:

  • self-adhesive;
  • roll;
  • foil.

The easiest to install is a self-adhesive insulation. For its manufacture, different materials can be used, such as:

  • PVC;
  • polyethylene foamed with foil;
  • penoplex;
  • foam rubber;
  • rubber.

Thermal insulation material can be purchased in the form of plates, roll tape and mixture.

The manufacturer also took into account the range of colorperformance. Available in brown, white, and black. The insulation is self-adhesive foil, the thickness of which is 10 mm, has a high level of durability and perfectly copes with the main purpose - sealing gaps. The cost of this insulation starts from 49 rubles. per m2.

insulation self-adhesive price

Foamed polyethylene

Polythene foamed type with foil is popularmost. Now the market is in demand models from Penofol. The same kind of insulation is used most often. It is used both in the industrial sphere and in everyday life. It is necessary in construction, gas and oil production, food industries. Variants from the manufacturer "Penofol" are bought in 99% of cases. This is due to the fact that it supplies foamed penokleks.

Other manufacturers create less effective options. Applying the same penoplex in pure form makes no sense, since it does not give any result. And the reviews confirm this.

Tape for insulation

A paper-based insulation is oftenused for windows. Such models are sold almost everywhere, they are quite popular. Before the ribbon material was invented, conventional paper with soap was used. In fact, this insulation works according to the same scheme. But due to the fact that there is an adhesive layer, the soap no longer needs to be used. Often under this tape put foam.

insulation for doors self-adhesive

Foam Insulation

Foam rubber insulation is used to make,to ensure maximum sealing. It is also able to quickly and maximally contract, in no way harming the surface. Foam models are not only easy to install, but they are also much cheaper.

insulation for windows self-adhesive price

Insulation film

The last type of insulation is a film,which is necessary in order to minimize the heat output from the apartment through the cracks in the windows. As a rule, it is located only on one side. Install it follows the method of metal spraying. The heater must "look" towards the street.

This film can not only protect against lossheat, but also to retain the sunny color perfectly. Use it better in conjunction with another warming option, then complete insulation will be carried out.

 foil self-adhesive insulation

Tips for sticking

All self-adhesive insulators are freeinstall independently, this does not require the help of professionals. A special advantage is that they all have decorative finishes. This means that you can not create a special quality during installation.

If it is a roll or tape model,then on their protective films the drawing of the installation is drawn in detail. That is why no difficulties should arise. However, you must adhere to certain rules when making the installation.

In order for self-adhesive foilinsulation, the price of which is low, was fixed as successfully as possible, it must be applied to a clean and dry surface. In addition, it needs to get rid of stains and dust.

If it is necessary to paste the web material onwall of concrete, then first you need to use a primer. After its application, the surface should be dried. When using a heater on a brick wall, plaster should be used. Immediately after it has dried, it should be wiped with sandpaper, then dust off.

Wooden coatings do not need to be processed,the main thing is that they do not have any sawdust. Cut the seal with a knife or large scissors. Some heaters have a dimensional mesh, which allows you to cut the pieces as flat as possible.

When using roll and belt modelsYou need to know that they are installed overlap. If materials are used that have a thickness greater than 0.5 mm, then they should be mounted butt-end. All the slits should be pre-glued with tape with foil.

self-adhesive insulator with foil

Warming windows

Many for the insulation of windows use cotton,newspapers, scotch tape and foam rubber. But because of their properties, they are not able to protect the apartment owner as much as possible against heat loss. In addition, in the spring period, these materials often bring discomfort. Modern insulation can be used for both wooden windows and plastic. Typically, for windows most often used material on a self-adhesive basis. It has its own characteristics. For example, such a material is able to cover the slots up to 7 cm. When opening windows, the self-adhesive window insulation does not interfere. There are a lot of different colors on sale, models differ from each other in size. Heaters are able to withstand moisture and temperature extremes.

However, like any other material,self-adhesive insulation has its drawbacks. For example, it is short-lived, is not capable of transferring too low temperature regimes, and on modern windows, as a rule, it is extremely inconvenient to use.

Due to the fact that the adhesive coating is short-lived,the material is used once a season. Extend the period of operation can, but then it is better not to open the sash windows. Even with the fact that the temperature drops heater can withstand quietly, after all, sharp frosts can lead to its uselessness. Because of them, the glue dries up and the tape begins to fall off. On modern frames it will not be possible to use self-adhesive insulation for windows (the price for it is 50 rubles / 10 pcs.), Because they already have rubber bands all over the window area.

self-adhesive insulating glass

Warming of doors

If it is a question of doors, then in the marketThere is a large number of seals that would be suitable for this purpose. Now there are many different options that differ in thickness, height, width, purpose and material. They are used for both wooden structures and metal ones. It should be noted that for interior doors and entrance doors, seals of different materials should be used. That is why this adaptation of the self-adhesive type needs to be purchased carefully, carefully selecting what is really useful. If the door goes directly to the street, then it is best to prefer options with a rubber base. Silicone and foam models will be an excellent option for interior designs.

Self-adhesive insulation for doors with foilis considered the best option, since it minimizes the percentage of heat loss. It is mounted in the inside of the door. To begin with, completely clean the door of the dust, degrease its surface, and then glue the seal.

An important detail is that the layer withFoil should look to where the source of heat is located, and not vice versa. If you incorrectly glue the seal, then talk about the preservation of heat in the room is not necessary. All heat will constantly go into the wall. It is not possible to mix up the sides by mistake, because the foil is glued on the seal. Before buying, you need to pay attention to the expiration date of the material, its shape and condition. To give preference to the softest possible options, as hard will interfere with the design.


Rubber insulators and foil productsuseful in order to maximally tightly seal the windows, doors and other slots. Judging by the feedback, they will be able to provide protection from the cold completely. Rubber porous type will help improve insulation. What are the nuances that need to be taken into account while using heaters?

  • Use this material window type is recommended only in the winter season.
  • Be sure to follow all the rules of use and installation, for example, the material must be glued on a clean and defatted surface.
  • During the warming of the room you need to useself-adhesive insulation with foil. In this case, it is necessary to leave a small gap between them and the surface. Then the material will hold much better.

It should be noted that self-adhesive insulation is absolutely environmentally safe, harmless to humans and animals. This material does not cause allergies.